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In the meantime, please enjoy my recent conversation with the lovely Sara (@embodied_blonde) - we went DEEP and it's a beautiful representation of the themes we'll be exploring inside The Academy!
Build Your Legacy By Freeing The Lover And Muse Within 
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In this chat, we cover..

🌹 EROTIC LIBERATION - Your sexual liberation as your greatest business strategy!

☯️ DUALITY - That “Each of life's highs comes with its flip side! The game of life includes being able to hold the whole breadth of the spectrum”, so how can we learn to hold the flip side and how does this help us to thrive in our businesses? 

❤️‍🔥 STAYING TURNED ON - How do we stay turned on in our relationships and businesses instead of getting into a rut and just doing what worked last time? 

🖤 PROCESSING PAIN - “In order for you to process the pain of the past, you must feel it. Pain demands to be felt.” How can we safely process our pain without getting lost in it or possibly re-traumatized? 

👑 PERFECTIONISM - Healing from perfectionism, involving “erotic healing and allowing for the unapologetic embodiment of the playful, silly, seductive AND naughty parts that we keep hidden”.

💃🏼 REST VS. PRODUCTIVITY - “Seeing rest and play as productive and joyfully surrender to the mysteries of love and life” - how does rest and play benefit our lives and businesses and what are some examples of how we can bring more of this into our lives? 

🫦 FEELING SAFE BEING SEEN - How can we feel safe being seen and how does this impact our relationships and business? 
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