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Congratulations On Committing To Yourself And Your Healing!
I'd love to share with you what you have been missing...
You May Have Tried Some Of These 7 Common Strategies To Overcome Your Pain And Found Little To No Results
1. Confided in a friend
You talked to your best girlfriend, then had to deal with her confused or negative reaction to your 'abnormality'.

2. Took an information-only approach
You scoured the internet for answers, discovered you're practically alone in this and took no action towards recovery.

3. Visited your doctor
You overcame your embarrassment and explained your issue to your doctor, only to be told that you 'just need to use more lube'.

4. Went to a sex therapist
You spent countless sessions with a therapist unsuccessfully trying to identify a childhood memory that made you this way.

5. Saw a pelvic floor physiotherapist
You finally found such a specialist on the other side of town, but stopped going since most exercises are done at home anyways.

6. Tried dilating
You bought dilators, self-inflicted unnecessary pain as often as you could muster up the willpower, saw no progress and gave up.

7. Did nothing
Since your body is sending you a strong message, you just tried to accept that you don't need or want intercourse in your life.

I've been in your shoes. None of the above worked for me either.
What Have You Been Missing?
You see, the defeat you experience from the strategies you tried so far is just a symptom of an incomplete plan.

By trying to overcome vaginismus in the dark all by yourself, you're accidentally amplifying your pain... Sliding further down the slippery slope.

Your continued pain is NOT your fault! You have all the right intentions! Just like with cooking though, for the meal to be a slamming success, all the ingredients need to be added at the right time and in proper quantities.

That's why you want a recipe.

You may also want to witness others creating their culinary masterpieces in their own kitchens and be re-assured that you're actually on the right track.

So the problem is that you're missing the recipe. That structure. And support too.
I wouldn't have had the courage to go through all the dilators and other at-home therapy without finding Katrin
After I found her Instagram handle (@pain.free.and.intimate), I learned so much about vaginismus, tips and tricks and most of all felt like I had a support group to be part of. 

All of her videos and posts have been educational and also encouraging. I wouldn't have had the courage to go through all the dilators and other at-home therapy without finding Katrin. 

More recently, she also helped me with my anxiety/fear of a gynaecology appointment. I don't think I would have had the courage to go through the appointment without her support.

I thank her for all she's doing and bringing all of us women together to be a support group! I wish her the best of luck. 

- Urvi (34 years old, West Orange, USA)
The Pain Free and Intimate Recipe
I created this recipe from the heart, to include everything I wish I had at the start of my journey. 

It's a simple guide. That doesn't mean it's easy to follow through on, but it's the most pain free path you can take in your journey to overcome vaginismus.

It is the complete support through the most reliable and effective method to overcome vaginismus - a pain free dilating practice.

AND it incorporates an often overlooked part of the journey - the emotional healing that needs to take place for dilating to be effective in the first place.

Keep in mind that your stage of vaginismus will vary from your fellow vulva owner and so will your life’s circumstances. Still, THE GOAL is to overcome vaginismus and achieve pain free intercourse within 120 DAYS!
You get The Pain Free and Intimate Recipe and ALL of these bonuses...
A total value of $1,385 for only $97
The whole journey was almost 2.5 years with 2.4 years of doing my own research. I made some mistakes, wasn’t sure what to do... But with one month of proper guidance with Katrin I overcame my vaginismus within a MONTH!
I am someone who has never used a tampon or had any vaginal checkups before my marriage. 

I got married in 2017 and had a very painful experience when I and my husband tried for PIV sex for the first time. It was very painful during penetration and penetration was almost impossible. I told my mom about this experience and she told me the sex is painful for the first time. And this painful experience had a great impact on me... 

At that point in time I never really know what vaginismus was! I found out about vaginismus when I was randomly searching for the reason for painful sex. But I barely thought that I could have vaginismus. We tried for PIV sex a few more times during our first year of marriage and penetration was impossible every time. 

I cursed myself for not being like every other regular woman who enjoys sex and finds it’s a cakewalk for them. I started going to grad school in 2018 and my husband was in a different city with his job. So, we never really spoke about PIV sex for the next year. After my graduation, I started to stay with my husband and by that time we knew it was really an issue and I need a doctor visit. So, I made an appointment with gynaecologist and explained her my situation, she gave me the dumbest answers like I am too young to take up sex (my inner voice, SERIOUSLY, I am 26 years old) and she suggested some numbing creams, suggested me to take wine and also said there will be chances that I need to go with some SURGERY. 

I was all over the place, started crying and was asking my husband to leave me as I am not any worthy to have him. He has been supportive during that phase and told me if I cannot deal with PIV sex, he is okay to not have PIV sex for his life. 

We then visited a psychiatrist to see if it's some kind of psychological problem. By that time, I researched a lot about vaginismus and some pelvic exercises. I asked her about pelvic exercises, and she said these exercises won’t work for me. I felt more depressed after that visit. My husband and I thought of using dilators, so I got the first 3 sizes of dilators and a vibrator. For almost a week we did the dilating practice and I was able to make it up to 3rd dilator and after which it was again very painful to insert the 4th one. 

I again gave up for almost a year and then I found this page PAIN FREE AND INTIMATE. I was a silent follower of this page for almost a month and then messaged Katrin with few questions and then set up a one to one session with her on January 5th 2020. I told her my situation and how I am not able to go upsize in dilating and she suggested me the pelvic wand and believe me it worked like magic. 

She also told me about the intimate recipe, I went ahead and invested in The Pain Free and Intimate Recipe and implemented the dilating guidance during my dilating practices. I did my dilating practice every day and was able to upsize to 5th dilator within 20 days! I then realized I was contracting my hip muscle which is the reason for impossible penetration and started to do stretching exercises and breathing practices from the intimate recipe and was able a take my hip muscle under my control.

After dilating with 5th dilator for a week, I wanted to give it a try for PIV sex and I followed my daily practice of doing some massage with the pelvic wand, dilate with 4th dilator and 5th dilator and PIV sex with my husband. On the very first try, I was able to have complete penetration which is a great achievement for me and after the 3rd try, we had complete PIV sex!!

The whole journey was almost 2.5 years with 2.4 years of doing my own research. I made some mistakes, wasn’t sure what to do... But with one month of proper guidance with KATRIN I overcame my vaginismus within a MONTH! 

THANK YOU VERY MUCH KATRIN for your help and suggestions. This means a lot to me. Apart from my partner, I wasn’t able to discuss this with anyone until I found you.

This was a long story to read but I hope it made you feel nothing is impossible and anyone can overcome this fear with proper guidance and commitment!

- Sowmya (27 years old, Frankfort, USA)
Let's Talk About What It May Be Worth To You...
Here is everything you'll get...
The Pain Free And Intimate Recipe Book (Step-By-Step Guide To Pleasant Dilating Without The Overwhelm) 
This recipe book is what I wish I had throughout my journey. Being introduced to dilators briefly and only theoretically, I SLOWLY figured things out by myself and made A TON of mistakes. I caused myself unnecessary pain, significantly delaying my healing.

In this recipe book, I guide you through the entire dilating process so you can become pain free and intimate as soon as possible.

I start with a principle behind why you may have had trouble starting your dilating practice, or may have given up in its early stages.

Then, I cover how to arm yourself with the right equipment to ensure your practice is effective and comfortable.

Next, I explain how to use dilators every step of the way. Including the preparatory period that no one talks about and is absolutely essential before even attempting insertion with a dilator. I also demystify the confusion around transitioning dilator sizes and attempting PIV (penis in vagina) sex.

Finally, I guide you through additional practices like stretching, trigger point release and kegel exercises, with clarity on when and how to do them.

Overall, this recipe book is your COMPLETE guide to pleasant dilating, without the overwhelm.
$297 Value
Lifetime Access To Our Pain Free And Intimate Community
This is a secret and safe group of all of the amazing vulva owners who are on the same path as you.

It’s where you get to learn from the experiences and tips of others, voice your questions, and celebrate your progress!

So you have a regular reminder that you are NOT alone!

In this community, no questions are off limits. These conversations will flow in the direction most useful to you.
$297 Value
Unlimited Access To Me Within The Pain Free And Intimate Community
I've taken the wrong turns, learned from my mistakes and am passionate about helping you avoid them. I have found a solution to your problem and want to share it with you! 

I will relate to your struggles, warn you of the obstacles along the way, offer shortcuts on your path and remind you of the joy waiting for you on the other side.

You'll get my unlimited personalized advice.
$497 Value
An Inside Look Into Trauma Healing, The  Emotional Healing Journey
A collection of insights into trauma work and the deep, emotional healing that the pain free and intimate journey calls for.

You get a detailed understanding of what trauma is and the way it impacts the nervous system. You also benefit from guidance on how to heal from traumatic experiences and significant childhood events that shape our way of being as adults.

Finally, I share the raw details of every single event that I believe caused my vaginismus.
$197 Value
How To Rekindle Intimate Connection, Guided By A Surrogate Partner Therapist
A unique interview with a surrogate partner therapist who physically helps vulva owners overcome the mental and emotional struggles of vaginismus.

He offers exercises to help you find safety in intimacy, rekindle your love for your body, explore your sexual desires, and be able to openly communicate your preferences and boundaries.

Overall, you get invaluable advice on how to accept and be able to share your authentic sexual self.
How To Relax The Pelvic Floor, Revealed By A Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist
An exclusive interview with a pelvic floor physiotherapist who helps vulva owners with vaginismus!

She shares the crux of what you need to know about the physical healing journey. The different states of the pelvic floor muscles, techniques to relax them, how to use dilators, trigger point release and the dangers of kegel exercises.

She also shares red flags to look out for when you're choosing a medical professional to work with!

Overall, you get her detailed guidance, taking the mystery, stress and complexity OUT of pelvic floor physiotherapy.
Pelvic Floor Relaxation Exercises Specifically For Vaginismus
Being able to insert anything into your vaginal opening starts with becoming aware of your pelvic floor muscles.

This is a collection of exercises to help you achieve this awareness and gain conscious control of your pelvic floor muscles. So you can learn to relax them at your will.

It includes breathing, reverse kegels (NOT the standard ones) and stretching exercises that you can easily incorporate into your fitness routine without the need for equipment.
$97 Value
Total Value: $1,385 + 2 Priceless Interviews!
You get them ALL for just $97
A real chance at a vaginismus free life is priceless. And if we had to put a price tag on it...
You get The Pain Free and Intimate Recipe, including The Pain Free and Intimate Community AND all bonuses for the one-time payment of $97! (Or if you prefer, 3 monthly payments of $37!)
Thankfully Katrin made me motivated and brave enough to go for it and it was a great decision
For weeks I have never had the courage to really face the fight against vaginismus. I had bought dilators a few weeks ago but didn't plan on using time any time soon.
But then I took a social media break and focused on myself for some time. I have followed Katrin's Instagram account (@pain.free.and.intimate) for a while and the content she provided inspired and motivated me to actually start and face the struggle with vaginismus to get better.

And then I just tried dilating for the first time! I didn't think much, I simply tried it without any expectations because of what I learned from Katrin's content. I still thought it will be so tough and painful because that was all I knew from past experiences with intercourse or medical exams.

Then I started with the first size dilator and I didn't feel any pain, because I prepared by breathing and calming me down. It was not painful or uncomfortable at all. I was so happy. On the next day I continued with the second size and it was the same! In the following days I was able to make it up to size 3. Then I realized that size 3 is all I can do for now but that was okay!

I was so relieved that I managed to do the first 3 sizes and I would never know if I never tried!

Thankfully Katrin made me motivated and brave enough to go for it and it was a great decision. After all you never know how much affected you are if you never try for yourself! Sometimes all you need is to simply dare! I'm glad I did.

-Kristina (23 years old, Hamburg, Germany)
My Pain Free and Intimate Guarantee
My commitment to you is to provide immense value.

If you're not totally satisfied with what you got for ANY reason, please send me an email at hello@katrinwithlove.com within 30 days of your investment. You'll get a full and courteous refund right away, no questions asked.
People Have Overcome Vaginismus! This Is How They Feel About Their Newfound Sexual Freedom
"I'm five months pregnant with our first! When I first started my journey, I was single, felt unlovable, could use tampons, but would freak out at the mere sight of the dilators I bought. I left them in their pouch for months.

I decided to get informed and I learned to love my body, my overly protective vagina and renamed certain body parts to reframe my mindset. It soon became clear that vaginismus is more than just 'a vagina in panic'. It's a whole body, mind and soul in panic, and if I was to heal, I needed to heal holistically. This meant making peace with myself, my past, men and sexuality.

There is hope and those sort of wonders are real! You have the strength in you to overcome vaginismus, but you need to have courage, face it and do the work you've been running away from this whole time. It's so worth it."
"For all you ladies still struggling, keep up the hope! I thought I'd be broken forever and I would just never have an enjoyable sex life, but now I do! "My insecurities are suddenly melting away."

"We managed to have sex last night!! We went away for the evening and I really wasn't expecting it to happen."

"I was able to get past years of vaginismus in about 3 months, to the point where I am having PAIN FREE PIV sex, enjoyable oral sex, using tampons (for the first time in my 31-year-old life), and recently had a successful, and dare I say, easy, pap smear. My gynaecologist has since 'un-diagnosed' me from vaginismus! A big part of the healing was talking about the process with an inner circle of close women friends, sharing my progress with them, as well as writing about it. Sending my love and support to my fellow women dealing with pelvic pain. You can do this."
A few minutes after you confirm your investment, you'll get an email granting you access to everything in The Pain Free and Intimate Recipe and Bonuses. This includes instructions on how to access The Pain Free and Intimate Community.
The community is a safe space in the form of a secret Facebook group. 

The secret status of this group means that your friends will NOT be able to see that you’re a member of this community. In fact, only members can find the group, see who is in it and what they post.
You don't have to do anything you're not comfortable with, including sharing your story. You're welcome to absorb other people's input, without participating yourself.

Keep in mind that our secret community is safe and your privacy will be respected at all times. I encourage you to keep an open mind and strive to share with at least some of the members of the program. If you choose to do so, you may notice yourself making progress faster! 
You’ll be billed only ONCE immediately after you confirm your investment in The Pain Free and Intimate Recipe.
The better question is, why wait? The sooner you start, the sooner you can make progress in overcoming vaginismus! The sooner you can achieve a pain free and intimate life!

You deserve that freedom.
Why? Because YOU Deserve It!
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