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Sexually Liberated Group
Create Your Transformation Within Sisterhood
Healing happens in community.. Oh the wins we'll get to celebrate over 4 months!
I wish I had someone to call back in the day. Someone who would ACTUALLY understand.

I'd love to create that community for you.

To help accelerate and ease your path to the limitless and pleasurable sex life that you've always dreamed of!

Or as is often the case, an even better sex life than you imagined!

We'll have 8 two-hour video calls together as a group (one call every 2 weeks) and I'll be there for you with support over email WHENEVER you need it. The calls will be scheduled to take into account everybody's availabilities, so that you have a chance to attend the majority of them live. For those you aren't able to make, you'll receive a recording.

The journey will focus on healing of the mind, body and spirit, a holistic approach. During calls, we'll engage in various practices that prioritize your mental and emotional well-being, the foundation of an effective physical healing journey. We'll also be infusing an exploration of pleasure, a portion of the adventure that is often overlooked by traditional medical methodologies.

During another one-hour call, this time 1-on-1 with me, I will support you more personally and we will use subconscious belief change processes to begin to erase the cumulative effects of life-long programming on a subconscious level of mind. As a group, we will also engage in exercises to release deep tension and trauma stored in your body's musculature and fascia.

In between calls, I'll provide you with step-by-step home play activities to help you make consistent steps forward in your journey. These include emotional healing practices, pelvic floor relaxation exercises, games to rekindle intimate connection with yourself and others, as well as in-depth guidance so that you can have success with dilating once and for all. All so that you can find a deep sense of safety, relaxation and pleasure in your body.

You'll also get a digital planner customized to your sexual liberation adventure - so you easily track your progress, prioritize your well-being, stay motivated and celebrate your wins!

And a note on the magic of the group dynamic - it provides an irreplaceable layer of belonging, deep healing AND variety in perspectives that are only available through community!

Armed with my love and that of our sisterhood during 4 months together, anytime email support, home play activities, your very own digital planner...

You'll be BEST equipped to put vaginismus in your past! For good!
Value: Absolutely Priceless
Sexually Liberated Group Is $2,222
Doors Are Open For The Discounted Investment Of $1,777 (20% Off!)
We get to work together in our group and 1-on-1 for the one-time payment of $1,777. (Or if you prefer, 4 monthly payments of $537!)
(Our next journey will start in January 2023!)
I'm ready to start now! Why a consultation?
Your comfort and trust are my top priority, especially with this intimate topic.

I'd love to get to know you and your story first, and answer any questions you may have. So we can know with absolute certainty if we are a good fit and so that you can pick the best suited structure of support for YOU. Whether that adventure is purely 1-on-1, as part of our group, or self-paced through online courses.

If my form of continued support doesn't resonate for you, I still trust that our conversation will have been valuable AND I can guide you to another resource that may be helpful in your particular situation.

Once we have connected and if you have decided that the group option is best for you - great, let's get started!

30 Day Guarantee

No questions asked 30 day refund guarantee. If you are unhappy for any reason, get your money back.

Secure Payment

Your credit card details are not stored on our servers. The information goes directly from your computer to our secure payment service provider.
AND you have an option for 1-on-1 support
Anytime 1-on-1 support at your fingertips is a fantastic supplement to your Sexually Liberated Group journey. You get me in your pocket for anytime guidance over 4 months!

Imagine being able to pick up your phone and ask me a question, share a win, or simply to feel heard. Imagine receiving regular loving check-ins from me in ways that feels most supportive and nourishing to your personally.

With my real-time support, you can go all in with your liberation! Simply download the Voxer app on your phone and we're ready to get started.
Value: Absolutely Priceless
Your 1-on-1 Walkie Talkie Support Add-On Is $1,111
Please Summarize My Options!
There are 3 options for you to choose from, to customize your experience of Sexually Liberated!
1. Sexually Liberated Group
- 8 two-hour group video calls over 4 months
- 1 one-hour video call 1-on-1 with me

Loving support structure:
- anytime group email support
- digital planner
- Pain Free and Intimate Community Facebook group
- Forums off-Facebook
$1,777 pay in full
Or 4 monthly payments of $537
2. Sexually Liberated Group With 1-on-1 Support
- 8 two-hour group video calls over 4 months
- 1 one-hour video call 1-on-1 with me

Loving support structure:
- anytime group email support
- digital planner
- Pain Free and Intimate Community Facebook group
- Forums off-Facebook
- anytime 1-on-1 walkie-talkie support
$2,888 pay in full
Or $1,648 today + 3 monthly payments of $537
*Click the check-box for the add-on
3. Sexually Liberated Group As A Solo Experience
- No calls

Loving support structure:
- digital planner
- Pain Free and Intimate Community Facebook group
- our Forums that live off-Facebook
$1,111 pay in full
I REALLY want to start with just one call, is that an option?
Yes, we can have a one-off 1-on-1 call together! 

This option may be for you if you feel that you cannot commit to 4 months together, or you simply desire to have my support spontaneously throughout your healing journey.
Your Life Has Been A Minefield...

One explosion after another... 

Some days, you lay in bed for hours running through it all in your head - lost in the darkness of your thoughts.

Asking yourself "WHYYY ME *insert swear words here*?!". 

"What did I do wrong?"

For me...
It seemed like everyone around me was living their best life, and here I was... STUCK. CONFUSED.

It just wasn’t FAIR! In the beginning, I was sad...

Then angry.

I didn’t feel like I deserved the pain at first.

Later, my inner conversation included, "What if I DO deserve to be miserable?” I started by looking for answers all over the place.

Then I began wondering whether my pain really WAS in my head, like my doctor alluded to.

I don’t know if you’ll believe me, but I hope you do...

Your pain is NOT in your head.

It’s real.

And what’s ALSO real is that you CAN get through vaginismus.  Many brave vulva owners like you have done it. The path ahead of you has already been walked!
Now, you can have a choice - to follow in the footsteps of others.. or to remain where you are.

And no one choice is superior than the other. 

I believe that you will take action only when you're ready. And whenever you are ready is the PERFECT time for you.

If and when you feel up for the journey forward, I want you to know that there are people who understand.

Unfortunately your loving family and friends can't relate to you fully... 

They just haven’t experienced the excruciating pain, both physical and emotional! But there ARE people who understand.

So the first step is simply to explore what the path forward has looked like for others. 

And for that, I’m here to share my story.

Or just serve as an ear to listen to yours, IF you'd like to share.
I would absolutely love to help you overcome vaginismus, like I did. 

So you can melt into the unconstrained possibilities of intimacy...

Cuddle after penetrative sex, with tears of JOY in your eyes!

And an overwhelming sense of peace.

So you can experience the pleasure that you WANT.

So you get to CHOOSE whether you have kids and how to conceive.

I’d love to help you get that choice back. 

That confidence.

Your true self.

So you can live your life according to your rules.

You have SO much life ahead of you! 

You are worthy of love!
You are worthy of everything that YOU desire - no limitations.

One day...

When you look back at all of this, it will seem like a distant memory. 

And you will be so proud of yourself that you stuck through the journey for long enough to come out on the other side!

I’m not saying it will be easy. 

I’m saying I know you’re capable.

So all that’s left for you to decide is if you’re willing!

Allow me to be your personal guide in your journey.
Allow Yourself To Be Inspired By These Testimonials
After years of trying, in just the second month of working with Katrin, I had been completely transformed and now I was going to be a mother
I was born and raised in a strict and religious home with African parents. 

Sex was never to be discussed, seen on TV, tried or even thought about. Sometimes I wondered how I was born, as I did not believe my parents had sex since it was such a taboo. Even though I had 4 other siblings and I was the last born. 

My parents greatest fear was that I would get pregnant and ruin all the chances that I would have in life or that my life would end like many girls that were in my community - hence the strict upbringing. I promised my mother that I would not have sex until I had finished my higher education, bought myself a car, a house, then gotten married. Failure was not an option and pregnancy meant failure.

So, with my go getter attitude, I focused on school, brushed off advances from boys and made sure I made it to the dream. I left home for the U.S. to further my studies and even then, with the new found freedom from my parents I never veered from the promise. School, car, house, get married. In college I did have 2 or 3 boyfriends but it was never serious we would play around and cuddle but penetration was always off the table and I let them know beforehand. Those relationships never lasted long. 

It wasn’t until I graduated and started working that I met my now husband. He was raised in an African home as well and was a Christian just like me and so we agreed we would wait till marriage to have sex. We dated for 5 years before we got married and during this time, we had different types of sex (that I now know was forms of sex that do not include PIV) and that’s how we kept our relationship going. We were also busy with grad school and work so PIV sex was not something we would think of as we were both waiting for marriage.

In 2018, we got married and went on honeymoon and the night I had been waiting for was here at last. BUT alas! Nothing happened. My husband could not get through my vagina and he said it felt like I had a wall up. I thought maybe it was nerves I suggested we try again the next day. Nothing! Same thing as before but this time, I felt a sharp burning pain and I had to let him know to stop. I was traumatized. 

We got back from the honeymoon and immediately started to research on why this was happening to me. My husband actually found a website that was talking about vaginismus. I read over the symptoms and I told him. This is it!! This is exactly how it feels like. I was excited to put words into it and define it. Things started to make sense such as not being able to put a tampon when I was younger, not being able to have a pelvic exam and now no PIV sex.

My go-getter attitude kicked in and I was determined to overcome this issue. I was 31 years and wanted to start a family. I had to overcome vaginismus. I ordered a dilator set from the website my husband had just found and it came with a book and 6 plastic dilators. I was excited! However, this did not last long as when I opened the dilator set, I was in shock. I was overwhelmed, how would I be able to insert these dilators in my vagina? The book's instructions made it sound so simple but no matter how hard I tried I could not even get the first dilator in. I started to lose hope and I remember crying in the bathroom and giving up and putting the dilator set back and never looking back. 

We focused on other things traveling, buying a house, hobbies and just ignored the unspoken fear lingering in our lives of never having sex. Two years passed and the pressure to have kids started to grow. People would call and say “you know, you’re not getting any younger”. I was now 33. They were right. I could not ignore the issue any longer. I opened my old plastic dilator set again and stared at it and said to myself, “There has got to be a way to do this."

I said a little prayer, went online, opened Instagram and searched for vaginismus. I will have you know I chose Instagram because I believed I had exhausted all resources on Google that could help with vaginismus. I needed something new. AND that’s when I discovered Katrin on Instagram

She had personally overcome vaginismus herself. This is exactly what I needed a personal account of someone who had gone through it and overcome it. There was more!! They were many more like me and they too had overcome vaginismus. I was no longer alone. This was everything I had hoped and prayed for and more. I applied for her book which she gives out for free and read through her entire website maybe in a week. I was excited. The book arrived quickly and after reading it there was no doubt in my mind that this is what I needed to do to overcome vaginismus. I booked an appointment with her for the 45 minute free consultation and that’s when I knew that I would overcome vaginismus.

I ended up signing up for the 1-on-1 with Katrin because I knew I could not do this alone. We started off with an emotional healing journey that was extremely helpful and one that I did not know I needed. We did some subconscious programming to work through what had happened to me since I was a child. I realized that the unhealthy relationship I had with sex and the fear of getting pregnant was the psychological trigger to my vaginismus and without healing this part you cannot really unlock the rest of your body to accept PIV sex. This was really the key for me. 

Katrin was amazing with working with me to create a new identity for myself that would embrace this new journey as a sexual goddess that I would love and come to enjoy. After all the emotional healing and learning new habits such as meditation, pelvic floor and trauma releasing exercises, I began to be comfortable in my own skin and was finally able to insert my first dilator after one month. I was ecstatic. A week later I was on my second dilator. This was huge for me.

I would like to note as well that I did see a gynaecologist before my first session with Katrin as I wanted to be sure of my vaginismus diagnosis. She recommended a pelvic floor therapist and I let Katrin know and she was super encouraging for me to work with the pelvic floor therapist. She would do some physical massaging of my pelvic floor muscles which she confirmed were unusually tight and we would do some internal deep vagina massage. All this was possible as I was working with Katrin and she would encourage me to do my dilating practices and through her practical videos I would be able to manage it. On one of the sessions with the pelvic floor therapist she was extremely impressed by my progress from every appointment which was every other week. She even recounted that my progress with her would take other patients months and I knew it was because I had done the work with Katrin - especially the emotional work which is extremely important in this journey.

In one of my sessions with Katrin, we did some more healing work and she asked me how I could show up as a sexual goddess and I let her know that I would love to initiate sex with my husband. With encouragement from her I did just that later that weekend and due to the comfortability and the work I had done with my husband I was able to feel safe and sexy and we attempted PIV without thinking about it. 

As a result, I was able to conceive that night and my dream of being a mother was realized and I am now pregnant!!! I could not believe it. After years of trying, in just the second month of working with Katrin, I had been completely transformed and now I was going to be a mother. I would like to mention that we did not go all the way as I was still in 2nd dilator size but the key was that there was no pain!!! No fear!!! Just trust. And trusting my body. It was also incredibly helpful for my husband to be a part of this journey and he now understands how to support me and that made all the difference. I am so proud of the journey I have made so far. I am still a student of Katrin’s and now on my 3rd dilator set but I am sure everything I have learned so far will last me a lifetime. 

I would wish that everyone did not wait 2 years of hopelessness waiting for something to happen. If you want to overcome vaginismus, DO NOT DO IT ALONE. Katrin has a community of women ready to share their wins and victories that would get you back on your journey too. 

Katrin has been a shining light on the journey and with her calm but reassuring nature, she completely made me feel at ease from the first session with her. She incorporates her personal experience and expert opinions that make sure you don’t have to do any guesswork anymore. 

If you encounter challenges in your journey, she is an email away and will address them as soon as possible to put your mind at ease and know that you are not alone. Her well put together training plans make it so much easier to follow and made me look forward every day to learning something new. 

I am forever grateful that my path crossed with hers and truly believe she was my answered prayer.

- Grace (33 years old, California, USA)
Having Katrin by my side to support and guide me has been life altering, and if there is anything I wish for others with vaginismus, it's to go ahead on this journey with Katrin
I am 33 years old and have had vaginismus for as long as I can remember. 

I remember the first time I tried to have penetrative sex, it was literally impossible - I was 21 years old. 12 years have passed since that first experience and I continued to live my life with vaginismus telling myself that there was something wrong with me, as more experiences led to pain and frustration and feeling like I wasn't good enough. 

I was constantly hearing about how my friends were having great experiences, so I decided that it wasn't in the cards for me and that I was just "unlucky" or this is just my life. 

This led me to be closed off to a point that I just wasn't dating anymore or trying to date. If the opportunity came up, I took it, but feared it leading to PIV intercourse. I wanted to be intimate with people and things felt really good up until the actual intercourse part. 

If I was in relationships, it got to a point where we were unable to connect on an intimate level that was comfortable for the both of us, which was frustrating and heartbreaking and led to me becoming more closed off whether I realized it or not.

About 8 months ago my friend sent me Katrin's Instagram page saying that I might benefit from it, and also knowing that others are going through the same thing, which to be honest - it felt like I was the only one.

I started my one on one journey with Katrin a bit hesitant, but also excited, assuming I knew what was to come and feeling negatively at first, as I had told myself that I am unlucky. 

The program has been amazing. 

I didn't realize that so much emotional work took part in overcoming vaginismus. I had all the wrong information on dilators and how to use them. The program for me wasn't just steps to take, but it is heart and soul and there was a point where I couldn't believe how much release was happening in my body, emotionally and physically. 

A specific win I had was when I could put the 4th dilator in me without pain, this happened two months into the process - I am now on the second last dilator with ease. 

I also started to find myself more confident and okay with the unknown and rejection. I let go of control. I started to use my body and mind more, to meditate, stretch, exercise and am slowly getting in touch with all of the parts of me that I had shut down. I have always had a hard time crying and I find myself now more in touch with my emotions than ever and it feels good to not be hiding from myself anymore. 

Obviously this is a process and I am still learning, and when mine and Katrin's 4 months were coming to an end, I knew I wasn't ready to let that go. This has been a great support for me, and for that I am forever grateful as I continue to work with her. 

In a way it's hard to explain how I feel as vaginismus is so personal and you often feel so alone going through it. I think having Katrin by my side to support and guide me has been life altering, and if there is anything I wish for others with vaginismus, it's to go ahead on this journey with Katrin, who has overcome vaginismus, who will understand what you're going through and who can support you.

- Risha (33 years old, London, UK)
To explain the benefit I got from Katrin would probably take me a whole lifetime
Before I started the 1-on-1 journey with Katrin, my life consisted of intense physical pelvic pain. I had vaginismus for about 5 years before I decided to start the Sexually Liberated Journey. 

Mentally I was struggling to find a different answer to the question I had always asked myself - which was am I going to get better? As positive as I was, there was a part of me that believed I would never get better. After seeing a pelvic floor physiotherapist for a while, she kept talking about the mind body link of vaginismus. She also described the physical interventions we could take but always rooted the cause back to my emotions, mental patterns, and belief about myself. 

Around the time I started my own pelvic page on Instagram to try to tell my story and find a community, I came across Katrin’s page. The first thing that caught my eye was that Katrin used to have vaginismus and she was able to overcome it. When scrolling through her page I found a lot of similar concepts to what my physiotherapist would talk about - emotional healing. I was posting content on my pelvic page and getting to know the community for a couple of months in 2020 before I decided to book an initial chat with Katrin. 

Talking with Katrin for the first time felt like a breath of fresh air. I have never met anyone in my life who related to my situation so intensely. She understood me in ways I always wanted the people in my life to. I didn’t have to explain much to Katrin - she just understood, and she was so optimistic about my journey. She made me feel seen and heard, something I never knew was possible in my vaginismus journey. After chatting with Katrin, from that moment on I knew I had to enrol in the Sexually Liberated Journey. It was the first step of me doing something for myself - which was ultimately the key to me overcoming vaginismus. 

The process during the 4 months together with Katrin involved emotional and physical healing. I was more focused on the emotional part since I had been in therapy but never talked about my vaginismus. I had done physiotherapy, so I had some insight into relaxing the muscles for the physical part. I was excited and nervous to dive into the emotional journey. Going through the emotional healing journey I was surprised at how much love I had for myself throughout it. Doing various meditations and visualizations, I was always able to come to a place that allowed me to find some compassion for myself. Emotional healing made me confront a lot of old thought patterns, certain beliefs, and experiences in my life I held in my pelvis. 

I achieved various milestones throughout the whole journey, but the most prominent ones were when I felt like I would get better when I wrote a letter to myself 2 years into the future, when I was able to go into my heart space and when I fell in love with TRE (the tension and trauma releasing exercises). Being able to come to place that I fully accepted myself was also a big milestone. At that time, I hadn’t overcome vaginismus yet, but I came to place where I accepted who I was in that moment. I was not giving up but surrendering to the idea that I did not have to put in so much energy trying to hate my vaginismus, that at the end of the day it was always trying to protect me, it was just confused as to what the danger was. When I was able to create that compassion for myself, my attitude changed. I was able to do this through the emotional healing journey and finding that love I always had inside of me. 

The best part of my calls with Katrin was when she would take some time to celebrate me at the end of every call. She always made me feel so welcomed and understood in every way. To explain the benefit I got from Katrin would probably take me a whole lifetime, she has changed my life in ways I never knew was possible. The benefits of having someone understand you fully, the guidance, the coaching, and the confidence that I got from Katrin is something I will cherish for the rest of my life.

After completing the on 1-on-1 journey with Katrin in 2021 I had decided to be enrol in the group journey as well. When coming to the end of my 1-on-1 with Katrin I realized I wanted an increased support system and take all the insights I learned into a group setting, to help create a sense of community within the vaginismus world. In 2021 I completed both the 1-on-1 journey and the group journey, and a month or two after the group journey I was able to overcome vaginismus. 

After coming face to face with vaginismus during the first time I had PIV penetration at 18, at 24 I was vaginismus free. The journey for me becoming vaginismus free happened throughout the emotional journey with Katrin and creating a community through group calls. I cannot pinpoint the exact moment I was vaginismus free, or the change in my body telling me that I didn’t have it anymore. Although, a lot of my progress had to do with my journey around dating at the time. I had just started dating in 2021 through dating apps after being single for over 2 years. At that point I was learning how to navigate vaginismus and dating. I tried so many different things – telling people right off the bat and subsequently being rejected because of it. Looking back at these experiences now, I felt like I was holding myself back when I was dating, I felt like I had some huge secret I needed to hide away from, and that I should feel lucky if anyone wanted to be with me. That mentality still made it hard for me to accept my vaginismus for what it was. At the end of the day, it was a body response believing it had to protect me – a miscommunication between my body and my mind. 

I felt as though I was punishing myself for this miscommunication in my body so coming to a place of acceptance for myself was tough – going through various rejections, putting myself out there in the dating world and standing up for myself was a long journey. I credit one of the main reasons that I was able to overcome vaginismus was when I was in the dating world, and I was able to stand up for myself and say no to continuing a relationship with someone I did not want to be with. This individual was very accepting of my vaginismus, and I believe we would have been able to work together to get through it. But I did not want this to be the only reason I was still with him – we were not a good fit personality wise, and I knew that from the beginning. Still, it took me two months of this to tell him I did not want to pursue a relationship with him. That was the first time I was able to stand up for myself and know that just because I had vaginismus that I did not need to settle with what I wanted. 

It would be a tough road ahead, but I wanted to be with a partner that I loved being with and was a good fit for me, not just because they accepted me for having vaginismus. At that moment I knew I did not need anyone else’s acceptance but mine. I had true love and compassion in my heart, and honestly, I had been through so much work trying to overcome vaginismus at that point it didn’t really matter to me how long it would take, but I believed in myself enough to know I would get through it. 

A couple of months later I found the partner who I am with now. At the time I met him I still had vaginismus. But now 4 months in I do not. I often ask myself how this happened. I look at our relationship and see what a safe space he created for me. I have never felt this comfortable in my life. In my dating experiences before, I would always feel like there was a part of me that needed to be fixed. But with my partner now I never felt like that. Even when I told him about my vaginismus, he was so supportive. He knew that we could work together at my pace. He never pushed me, he addressed all my concerns and constantly reassured me. I was at a place where I had true acceptance for myself, so it made it easier to create this environment with him. When we kept trying to have PIV sex, I would use my vibrator (best invention ever by the way!) and then a couple of tries later I was able to have full penetration. I still felt tightness in my muscles, and we would often go slow. 

I would say that I do not feel pain anymore, but honestly, I do not feel much pleasure either. I am going slow on this journey to pleasure, and I am taking my time to figure it out. It is honestly so confusing, and you do not know how to feel most of the times, so I am trying to enjoy every minute of it. I am not giving myself a timeline and creating dialogue in my head to allow myself to take up more space, be heard and create more pleasurable experiences through sex. 

Life after the journey with Katrin and overcoming vaginismus has been like a ride on a boat. I am sailing through just observing myself. After going through the Sexually Liberated journey I was immediately more confident that I would overcome vaginismus. The reason I know I was able to do this was because of Katrin’s guidance. I was able to come back home to be who I actually was. I was able to say no more often and stand up for myself. In the dating world I was not afraid to tell people about my story anymore, I believed in myself, and I knew I had the ability to overcome vaginismus. My relationship to myself has strengthened as I am so incredibly proud of myself every day. Not that I was able to overcome vaginismus, but that I had the confidence and love in myself to be willing to try. Now I am a woman who is confident, loving, secure, and playful - words I would never use to describe myself before! I am who I was always meant to be. 

My wish for others on a similar journey is to trust, love and accept themselves so deeply. For me, I think what helped me the most with overcoming vaginismus was all of the compassion and deep acceptance of myself combined with speaking my mind and taking up space. Being able to be unapologetically me is something I have learned throughout the Sexually Liberated journey. Additionally, I would also recommend infusing more and more pleasure into your sexual practice. It really does make the difference. I would say take your time, feel your pleasure and allow yourself to know what it feels like to feel good about sex. 

Katrin was the best supporter, guide, mentor and coach I could ever ask for. I would 100% recommend this program for anyone who is looking to take on the emotional side of their pain. I would have never been able to become the confident person I am today without going through this journey with Katrin and I will be forever grateful to her and the amazing Sexually Liberated journey.

- A.B. (Toronto, Canada)
I was absolutely over the moon when I realised that I even enjoyed using a dilator! I never EVER thought this could be possible.
I grew up with some religious influences, attending church from late childhood into my late teens, and attending a Christian high school, where sex was spoken of as a sin, and something shameful. 

I believe this, in addition to the messaging we get from society about the female body, contributed to my experience with vaginismus. I tried to use tampons in my teens, and had a lot of trouble with it. I was told I must just be doing it wrong, and felt that I must be a failure in some way for not figuring it out, for it hurting me. 

I never had any intimate experiences with boyfriends during high school or university, despite wishing I could, and though I tried not to let it affect me, I did end up feeling very undesirable. I also struggled with my body image a lot, and couldn’t imagine ever being sexually intimate with someone due to how “wrong” I believed my body was, and how shameful my sexuality was.

Eventually, I moved to another country in my early 20’s, and I got involved in a whirlwind romance in 2016. It was very passionate and very short, ending abruptly and dramatically when we tried to have sex for the first time. Needless to say, it didn’t work. I couldn’t believe the absolute agony I felt when he tried to penetrate me. He immediately told me that this meant we couldn’t be together, and that was that. Relationship over. I was in total shock, and completely heartbroken. Thus began a string of toxic relationships with more men who didn’t understand what was going on with me and saw it as my “problem” to sort out, some of whom also sexually assaulted me. It even got to the point where, seemingly out of no where, I would start to have panic attacks during sex. My body became completely overwhelmed. 

I forced myself to bare the pain of sex, because I was trying to somehow “fix” what had happened, and through that become lovable and desirable. I blamed myself for everything. I thought I deserved it for being somehow inherently “wrong.” I felt like a failure of a woman, and that I would never be able to be loved because of “my problem.” I also felt betrayed by my own body, while not realising I was betraying her by ignoring what she was telling me. A few friends gave me some unproductive (though well-meaning) advice, and my gynaecologist told me “this is not normal, you need to find a sex therapist.” I got more scared and wanted to just forget about the whole thing, retreat.

I bought some dilators in early 2020 and tried to use them, without understanding how, and quickly became crestfallen when the panic attacks happened even during my own dilating, and I felt like I was making no progress. I gave up.

In mid-2020 I moved to another new country, and felt that I had a chance at a fresh start with so much in my life. I developed a crush on someone, and then quickly felt desperately dismayed when, one night, I envisioned the same things happening all over again. I had been following Katrin on Instagram for a while with curiosity, and it was in this moment that I realised I needed to reach out to her for guidance and support. I was so sick and tired and heartbroken over feeling so alone and so broken. I realised I needed help, and that maybe I didn’t have to go through this alone.

In the consultation call with Katrin, it was clear straight away that this was the right path for me. She not only immediately understood my situation, but also had empathy and compassion, all while not making any judgements or assumptions. She described the process, and how it is not only a physical journey, but also (and perhaps more importantly) an emotional journey of self-discovery and love. I was impressed with the holistic and gentle approach and knew she was the right person to work with.

Over the course of our sessions, it was amazing how understood and seen I felt. I thought I was devoid of sexuality, and broken - I learnt that I am not only a sexual being, but that I am also proud of that, and began to learn much more about who I am as a sexual being, particularly from an emotional side. It might sound simple, but this was a true revelation for me! We did some deep subconscious work around seeing myself as unlovable and broken, which unlocked the door for me into learning to really value and love myself just as I am.

Katrin also provided a wealth of knowledge about the physical body and its processes, how vaginismus actually works, and how it relates to the rest of the body, as well as extremely detailed guidance on how to dilate. When I began dilating, it came out of a place of genuine curiosity and desire. I was absolutely over the moon when I realised that I even enjoyed using a dilator! I never EVER thought this could be possible. It was intriguing and empowering to begin exploring my sexuality now from a physical place as well.

Katrin was there every step of the way, celebrating with me and helping me feel ready to empower myself but also providing a judgement-free space of safety and guidance. She also provided some extremely deep wisdom when I needed it, multiple times. This was exactly the support I needed.

I noticed that I began to walk differently down the street, holding myself up, taking bigger and slower strides, unafraid to take my time and space. I looked around me and noticed that I had made a circle of friends around me who were genuine friends, and that we were forming deep and meaningful bonds. When I hung out with them, I wasn’t afraid to just relax, and laugh loudly, speak my mind, and even dance freely without a care. This in turn brought us even closer together, deepening the bonds further.

I have also learnt to start hearing and listening to my inner voice. I am not finished with my dilating journey, and have had some low moments thinking about it, my old demons telling me I’ll never get further than the last dilator I moved up to. But due to the unlocking of that door into self-love which Katrin guided me through, I now hear an inner voice, wise and powerful, and I know that that’s not true. That I will continue to progress, and that it has to be on my own time in the way that works best for me. There’s no point in pushing and forcing myself, I have to have trust and patience. And I feel at peace with that.

The holistic journey Katrin takes you on is essential. You cannot address vaginismus from only a physical place, because we are such complex beings, and everything feeds into everything. With this amazing woman, you are empowered with the tools to take charge of your sexuality from a place of total love, and to be proud of yourself. She really appreciates you for who you are and where you’re at, and you are safe to go through the process with the support you need.

I truly wish every person experiencing vaginismus can begin their healing journey with this same level of care, love, and factual knowledge. 

I cannot recommend Katrin enough to anyone else looking for guidance and care when dealing with vaginismus.

- L.
If you are on the fence about working with Katrin... DO IT!
I have been married for 7 years and I've never been able to have pain free penetrative sex. 

I had several very painful and traumatizing OBGYN appointments where the doctor dismissed my pain and told me to 'relax' or that nothing was really wrong with me so I needed to calm down. This led to more shame and anxiety around something that was already FILLED with shame and anxiety. 

Before finding Katrin's Instagram page I was feeling pretty low and alone. I often told myself the story that this was all my fault, I was a terrible wife and I was the only one who would have let this problem go so long without figuring out a solution. I had worked with various therapists who were all somewhat helpful, but none of them had specific experience with vaginismus, so it always felt a little difficult to connect.

Joining the group program with Katrin was truly life changing. I'm still working towards my goals, but the progress I've made over the past few months is really astounding. To have a group of other women who all deeply understood my experience was simply amazing. I never in a million years imagined I would have such a support group where I could share about this issue that I had kept hidden from literally everyone in my life except for my husband. It was such a huge weight off my shoulder just to know that I wasn't alone.

Katrin's approach is so fresh and wonderful because it does not only focus on the physical aspects of the healing journey. She reminds you that there are so many other aspects of this journey that need to be healed and explored before the physical part even becomes part of the equation. The emotional healing and self acceptance pieces of the journey were two things that I had pushed WAY to the side and never let myself think about before working with Katrin. She helped me realize how interconnected it all is and how important it was to take a step back to identify the root causes and beliefs I held about this journey.

One of the biggest changes I've noticed since doing the group program is how I talk to myself about this journey. I am treating myself with more acceptance and self-love and giving myself grace when my progress doesn't match what I imagined. I've realized that rest and taking a break is not a step back, but instead a crucial piece of the journey. I've learned to listen to my body more and be more aware of the tension I hold throughout the day. I've become more open to sharing my thoughts with my husband and letting him in on the journey. All of these are HUGE wins and milestones in this journey that would not have been possible without the group program.

If you are on the fence about working with Katrin... DO IT! 

I promise it will be so helpful and SO worth it. Her wisdom and kind natured approach is exactly what I needed to continue moving forward with my journey. She always gives you the time to process and breathe through things and never rushes your progress. She will become the calming voice in your head when you are feeling overwhelmed and she will skillfully and gently guide you back to the path.

- L. (34 years old, USA)
Starting my 1-on-1 journey with Katrin was one of the best decisions I have ever made
From the outside looking in it looked like I had the picture perfect life… amazing husband, beautiful home, latest cars, successful business – all the pieces of the puzzle are in place except for one piece that is just not fitting in (excuse the pun!)

Cue Katrin…..

One night, one of many, many, many nights I should say, Googling and scrolling through the internet and Instagram I came across Katrin’s page and could not believe it! I resonated with every post, every story, every word that I read – I had tears in my eyes, I felt hope, I felt like I wasn’t alone. Could this be it... I found myself continual going back to the page, looking for answers and searching for something then Katrin announced a 3 day Masterclass and I knew I had to watch, I had to hear what she had to say. 

Watching the Masterclass changed my life.

I was nodding my head, screaming YES to everything she was saying and had some many lightbulb moments – it was like Katrin was talking to me and about me at the same time.

With my confidence growing and the glimmer of hope starting to shine its light, I booked a complimentary call and I couldn’t get an appointment for a few weeks. It was strange, I felt relieved because I had a few weeks to “not deal” with it I guess, but disappointed I had to wait all at the same time. Katrin then emailed me saying a spot had opened up next week and with my heart pumping I replied YES! Here we go…

The morning of the call I was so nervous. I hadn’t mentioned anything to my husband, who was supposed to had left for work by the time my call was, but (typical male) was running late, so naturally I had a complete breakdown – tears and all and just blurted out to him “I have an important call this morning, I have a name for my “problem” it’s vaginismus, its an involuntary muscle response and Katrin is going to help me” I said. It was out there now I just had to jump on the call!! (He was sooooo supportive by the way and continues to be my biggest cheerleader, asking me “have you dilated today?” all the time.)

From the moment our chat started I felt calm and I knew everything was going to be ok. 

We did a meditation to start, I shared my story and Katrin shared hers she created such a safe space for me. I felt (and continue) to feel supported by someone who has really walked in my shoes. I learnt that to really heal from vaginismus I was going to have to dig deep down within myself and believe and trust the process and this is exactly what happened. When I finished my call I was ready to take the next step and work 1-on-1 with Katrin to be pain free and intimate.

Starting my 1-on-1 journey with Katrin was one of the best decisions I have ever made - investing in myself and seriously never looking back. The program is paved out each stepping stone mapped out all in perfect timing, nothing is rushed or missed and Katrin is there guiding you through at your own pace the entire journey. The emotional healing was a real eye opener for me, seeing how past experiences had all contributed to my vaginismus. This is something I feel like I always knew but never REALLY thought of me having a physical response to emotional trauma – the tools around this (the subconscious work, TRE and meditation) continue to a few favourites that I still practise. Also, I remember touching on dilating in an early chat and thinking – there is no way I am going to be able to do that, I am not going to make it that far. However by the time that time came I felt 100% ready and actually love my dilating sessions!!

Honestly, this whole experience changed me - I am stronger, I love myself, I believe in myself and am living my best life thanks to Katrin. I will be forever grateful to Katrin for putting this program together and guiding me on my journey.

I still look up at the sky on my daily walk and say thank you to Katrin who I have nicknamed my sex fairy.

Forever grateful.

- Stacey (39 years old, Australia)
I healed and forgave my body
I struggled with painful sex for many years. I knew about vaginismus, but was in denial for a long time that this was what I was experiencing. I had lots of years of really enjoyable penetrative sex, so this couldn’t be my experience now - at least, that’s what I told myself.

But the pain I was experiencing was wreaking havoc on so many parts of my life. I felt totally disconnected from my body. I felt frustrated that my body wasn’t doing what I wanted it to. I forced myself through painful sex for a long time, hiding my tears, until finally I just started saying ‘no’ to all forms of intimacy. My relationship with my husband deteriorated. We felt more disconnected than ever. I felt numb inside.

Before discovering Katrin’s work, I visited doctors, psychologists, looking for someone to tell me what was wrong with me. To give me a quick fix. But nothing ever helped. When I first spoke to Katrin, I felt like our conversation finally validated everything I’d been experiencing in my body. I realized the pain I was experiencing wasn’t my fault - it was layers upon layers of shame and trauma stored over many years. And I felt so supported and inspired to make a change and to allow myself to heal.

Over the four months I spent working one on one with Katrin, I felt so many shifts - physically and emotionally. We uncovered trauma I never even knew existed. I healed and forgave my body, and began to create a new relationship with her. I connected with my body, shifted stagnant energy, and invited more pleasure into my days.

I immediately saw how much our work was affecting me - and every aspect of my life. I began to feel confident in myself and sexy again. Through integration activities, I was finally able to find the words to explain my experience to my husband, and we had breakthrough conversations that healed wounds and created this incredible intimacy we’d been missing for a long time.

Our work together brought curiosity back into my relationship with my body, instead of pain, fear, and frustration. I started to relearn what pleasure and desire felt like in my body. I explored new ways to experience sexual pleasure. I felt more passion and playfulness in my relationships, work, and life.

I felt supported by Katrin every step of the way. She asked all the right questions, celebrated every win - no matter how big or small - and brought light to the progress I was making in my healing journey, even on the days where I felt frustrated and defeated.

I’m so proud of myself for taking the leap of faith and investing in this work. It has truly changed my life - I feel more comfortable in my body than I have for most of my adult life. At the beginning of our journey together, Katrin asked me to envision the life I wanted to create for myself and it felt so far out of reach. In just four months, I can confidently say that the life I envision for myself - the life that is full of pleasure, love, intimacy, abundance, creativity, passion, and adventure - is happening all around me. It is here. I am forever grateful.

And 2 months after our journey officially ended, I messaged Katrin to share something with her that I celebrated BIG! Over one weekend, I had PIV sex that felt amazing - it was not expected and I was so surprised my body responded with pleasure and I’m sooo happy. I told her I could not have done it without her!

So if you have experienced vaginismus, please know that this is not a forever feeling. There is nothing wrong with you - you just need to make the decision to allow healing to take place. With Katrin’s help, I have no doubt you’ll make leaps and bounds toward living the pleasure-filled life of your dreams.

- Liz (31 years old, Brisbane, Australia)
My deep wish came true
The first moment I saw Katrin I immediately thought - ‘what a loving look’. When she started talking about her story about vaginismus and pain during intercourse, I could immediately relate.

I had already done a lot to solve my pain during intercourse, but it always failed to produce the desired result. I was very sad about that and felt powerless because I really didn't know how to overcome my challenge. 

I wanted to feel free in my body and with my sexuality, so I opted for the 4 monthly program with Katrin.

I looked forward to every online appointment and home play activities afterwards. I was extremely motivated and wanted to discover as much as possible, so I really spent a lot of time on all the assignments of the trajectory. Surprisingly, Katrin's approach also motivated my husband to participate and he normally doesn't like exercises!

Being able to share my experiences, feelings and fears with Katrin was really nice, nourishing and helpful. I felt heard, seen and understood. The process has given me a lot of new knowledge. Even more gentleness to my mind and body... We have transformed some unconscious limiting beliefs in a super simple way and with real impact in my life! At the end of the trajectory, my view of my own sexuality and that of my husband and me together has really changed. All of the ideas, expectations and ‘demands’ I had changed! I can enjoy, surrender, experience and FEEL so much more. This was really beautiful. 

AND 3 months after I had finished the process, I was able to repeatedly allow my husband's penis into my vagina in a nice way. 

My deep wish came true!

Thank you dear Katrin. Actually, words cannot properly describe what you have meant to me during the path I followed with you.. Together with you I have a greater sense of freedom, playfulness and fun.. I now allow myself to and ENJOY expressing my wishes, having them get fulfilled AND I continue to discover more what excites me - what I like in my exploration of nice intercourse. All of that brings me freedom and peace. Now I move on to discover what else I (and we) can experience and discover within my (and our) sexuality. In fact, I look forward to it!

I can recommend anyone to contact Katrin. You will be surprised by the gentle and expert way in which she can guide you towards YOUR wish.

- Angelique
I now wear tampons pain free and have had intercourse without ANY PAIN
Before I came across Katrin, I was seriously worried about my future with the constant questions of will I ever find love, will I ever be able to have children, will I ever not be excluded out of the girly chats about casual hook up's, the constant feelings of guilt and pain within my heart and mind constantly running through my mind never wanting to get close to someone because of my vaginismus because I could not take the excruciating pain. 

Before coming across Katrin's page, I had constantly been turned away from doctors and nurses being made to think that this was something that was all in, 'my mind' I didn't know how to start the conversation with anyone after hearing about that. 

When I found Katrin's page I found hope, I was drawn to Katrin's approach and passion which I could see from her videos and posts the fact that she had suffered vaginismus herself made me feel like there was a spec of hope inside this dark tunnel. Initially, Katrin's free consultation was what made me take that first step in my self I had felt like I tried everything.

The process was an extremely supportive and nurturing one with Katrin supporting me throughout all angles. I was very surprised on how much childhood experiences along with negativity about penetration in the present held me back. The breakthrough principle was understanding more about the potential, 'root' causes of vaginismus being able to identify with these was a huge breakthrough for me. I would also say throughout the process being able to relate to what she was saying and keep the vision of hope in my mind. I enjoyed everything about our calls and the fact that she was there every step of the way even after the programme ended. 

The benefit of this programme is I can now be who I WAS MEANT TO BE. I now wear tampons pain free and have had intercourse without ANY PAIN!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it? None whatsoever.

I am so much more confident and happy, I am interested in meeting new people and trying new things as the subject of sex does not scare me anymore and it actually excites me. I have noticed I am much more daring and willing to try new things because for so long I could not even attempt penetration. I am proud of my self for not giving up even when times got hard or it seemed that I was not progressing or progressing quick enough. The woman who has come out to play in the world is a confident, kinky and happy one.

My words of inspiration to others are you can do it, the journey is long but there is light outside of the tunnel don't give up. I would 100 percent recommend Katrin as a guide to others and see her as more than a coach to me. Over the time spent she has become so much more and I would not have been able to break out of the journey of vaginismus.

- S. (United Kingdom)
Katrin has become my mentor and friend. She’s my little light!
I was the first… one-on-one client that is. 

I had endometriosis, I had a hysterectomy, I had phantom pains, I had painful sex. I just had pain. After all of the previous situations I figured pain was the norm and always would be the norm.

One night, I was fussing around with the computer putting in some of my symptoms. I ran across the name vaginismus. At the same time, I saw Katrin’s picture. I was skeptical because I didn’t know what vaginismus was (I did read the info there) but you never know what you will get with a picture and a book. I was skeptical enough that I just shut my computer.

It was several, several, months later that I ran across Katrin and her book and her offer of a one-on-one consultation again.

This time I took a chance and bought the book for the shipping cost. The book was concise, informative, and a step-by-step guide on how to get help. With book was offered a 30 min consultation. I did talk to Katrin.

She was down to earth, kind, and just listened. She explained how she could help. If you chose not to do the one on one there are other ways to communicate. It’s just not as personalized as a one-on-one. Now don’t get me wrong, this was a decision to make. It was the best one I’ve made.

I’ve learned more about myself. Sexually and emotionally. I have gotten stuck along the way. She has been my biggest supporter and cheerleader. She has never let me fall.

In our 4 months together, I started believing in myself.

I found the confidence to have the conversation to put PIV sex off the table for as long as I felt I wanted to. I became more at peace with where I was at in my healing journey and more prepared to set boundaries. To be able to stand behind my preferences in life, sexually and otherwise.

To get to that point, I gave myself the permission to learn about what kind of intimacy I REALLY want. I began feeling excitement to explore touch in a whole new way! I made myself a priority and committed to a pleasure exploration challenge that Katrin set up for me and I WON!! I held my body in a way that I hadn’t before and I realized what kind of touch I‘ve been craving! What my erotic language really is.

Whereas before I was hesitant about using something like a vibrator, now the thought of having a little collection makes me happy! Using toys in my pleasure exploration is now something enticing, and I’ve even treated myself to some erotica! Now I get to comfortably and shamelessly enjoy the sensations of my body and I don’t feel like I need to push through pain.

You know, someone once said that I was a cold fish in bed and of course I was - the anxiety and pain had me feeling paralyzed and stuck!

Even though I’m not having partnered penetrative sex yet (and don’t have a partner to try it with), I’ve now shifted the anxiety I was feeling about my sexuality into more of a sense of adventure. Still, during this journey I experienced non-penetrative sex with a partner and felt like without the expectation of going all the way, I could allow myself to surrender to the masculine and have fun with it! Even though I had too often been overpowered by men sexually before, I now know that I set the rules and get to celebrate my sexual energy with a partner, however it likes to be expressed. Also knowing that no man can make me do something I don’t want to!

Though I used to be depressed about my body, I also learned about my vulva and vagina in a way that is loving and complete, without judgement. I started to understand and accept her and see myself as a sexy and confident woman who knows her worth and stands for what she wants.

I’ve more or less taken “I don’t know” out of my vocabulary, realizing that I DO know what I want and I’m not afraid to say it. In that process, I cut off a really long-term friends-with-benefits relationship and gave the option to my more recent friends-with-benefits relationship simply friends, NO benefits. That was a brave move that I’m really proud of. I had felt the negative impact of these relationships on my mental health for a long time and finally made my well-being a priority.

What’s more is that I found more peace within myself and I realized that I love my body overall (and can therefore expect others to respect and love of my body too). One thing I said to Katrin was, “Do you know how to look in a mirror and not see yourself? Well, that’s how I see myself.” At the start of our work together, I found myself wanting to say “I love you” to myself in the mirror only in a joking way. And THEN I got the first normal and meaningful “I love you” on a Thursday and I’ve been able to do it ever since.

As for the past, I’ve remembered and have been able to face some deep emotional pain. I’ve been well on my way to be able to forgive people in my life who have hurt me. There’s been a deeper understanding of where some of my anger with the masculine has come from and I’ve been able to untangle a lot of that so I can approach relationships from a fresh perspective.

Even though I haven’t had a long-term romantic partner during my time with Katrin, I have the confidence now that I’m going to attract a loving partner in my life, who gives me the love and respect I deserve. 

Because a relationship CAN be fun and easy and I get to have one of those!

Yes, the journey used to be overwhelming, daunting and more than a little bit scary… But now it seems the more you learn, the more questions you have and it becomes quite exciting!

That’s why by choice, I have continued to work with Katrin past our 4 months. The longer I work with her the more confident I become in more areas of my life. I’m even more resilient altogether. After a LONG job search, I landed a job that I really like and said goodbye to the one that was super tiring, both physically and emotionally. And that was HUGE for me!

AND most recently, I had my first pain-free pelvic exam EVER!! I didn’t even hold my stomach or tighten up like I used to. So that gives me peace that amazing things are ahead for me…

Overall, Katrin has become my mentor and friend. She’s my little light!

- Kristi (49 years old, Franklin, USA)
I wish for YOU TOO to give yourself this gift. It will have a rippling-out effect on your entire life!
I decided to sign up for working one-on-one with Katrin at a low point in my life.

I had put off attending to this area of my life because I felt so ugly, embarrassed, not sure how to proceed... Full of despair. So much pain and embarrassment. Feeling so alone and powerless. Dreading my birthday because it meant that I was another year older and still a 'virgin'.

Mentally, I was very shattered and reactive about other women being able to have penetrative sex. Emotionally, I was walled up and feeling an underlying feeling of despair and depression pushing away men who were interested in me romantically. Keeping people at a distance emotionally in general. And physically, I was feeling both pain and numbness with dilating and exploring intimacy. It felt like a relief to book our first session, and I also felt very scared I wouldn't actually heal!

I enjoyed being on the calls with Katrin because she was so present! The calls went in many directions and covered so much ground. I was surprised that the journey was really about learning to love my body, the wisdom of my body, trusting my body, and treating my body like a friend instead of an enemy.

One of my major wins was learning how to honor my 'no'. As soon as I started listening to the voice that said 'no', all of a sudden I was able to honor when other people said 'no' instead of being terrified by rejection. As well, I was totally amazed by the subconscious programming, the tension release exercises and learning about the different erotic languages.

I really learned how to love myself and have compassion for myself. I also realized how as soon as I faced some deep emotional shadows, that energy freed up and transformed into confident sexy energy! It was really cool to see the direct correlation between shadow and confidence.

Emotionally, I now am able to accept my emotions and release emotions held in the body. Mentally, I now have many many strategies and tools to handle my mental state. Physically, I recognize when I am stressed and slow down to notice the impact of my emotions and thoughts on my body. And as for relationships, I am much more open in relationships. I feel less uncomfortable and more empowered within myself. Accepting my desires and following them.

I'm not totally out of the woods. I feel like I am still working through many feelings of numbness, which is definitely better than any pain! I am able to not feel pain when putting in the dilators and pleasure wands. I still have not had penetrative sex with a partner. I feel that this, like many of the partner exercises, were put on hold because I didn't have a partner at the time the calls were taking place.

I notice I feel a lot less vulnerable in the world. I have a shell of protection so my body doesn't need to be in constant 'protection' mode. I don't feel the need to internally clench up. I am able to access my emotions a lot better... Listening to and honoring what is authentic for me.

The most illuminating part of my journey has been realizing the vaginismus IS the protection. It IS my body speaking to me. And instead of running away from 'vaginismus' responses, I welcome them, give myself the chance to peel back the message my body is telling me... And as I give voice to these feelings, they transform into beauty, desire, pleasure, wild, and ecstatic aspects of myself previously suppressed. On the other hand, when I ignore and shun my 'vaginismus' responses they turn into deep depression, disappointment, sadness... And they pull me down into a cycle that I have learned to transcend through working with Katrin. This awareness is fundamental to healing!!

I wish for YOU TOO to give yourself this gift. It will have a rippling-out effect on your entire life! You will see shifts happening all over your life in this transformative journey! Katrin will know exactly how to meet you where you are at. She will give you invaluable tools to rely on well beyond the 4 months.

So my words of inspiration are: Don't give up. Don't accept less or view yourself as less than because you have this challenge. It is rewarding beyond words to fully commit to showing up for yourself, to have someone by your side. You don't need to feel lonely anymore.

Thank you so much Katrin!!

- M. (32 years old, USA)
I have left every single call with Katrin with my jaw on the floor in shock at what I have been able to do with her unwavering support
I looked at Katrin’s Instagram page from a distance for a few months, eventually managing to build up the courage to book a free consultation, only to cancel it again within a few days. 

The moment that I knew it was absolutely within my destiny to meet Katrin came not long later, in the form of a dream. This dream was so clear it was almost as if it was happening in real life. I dreamt that I met Katrin at a house, I could feel her warm mannerisms and energy within the dream. We were exchanging notes, engaging in deep conversation about my journey. I was in a beautiful wide open space in a house, the day was bright and sunny outside. I woke to the realisation that my own subconscious was leading me towards Katrin. I signed up the very next day to a 1-on-1 4 month journey - for me, I knew I needed a mentor in the form of Katrin to guide me through each step of the way.

I am almost at the end of my 4 month journey, and I have left every single call with Katrin with my jaw on the floor in shock at what I have been able to do with her unwavering support. The best part of this whole journey has been Katrin’s holistic approach - so much has been focused around healing and nurturing my soul, which was exactly what I never knew I needed.

For me, the deep emotional healing part of the program was absolutely key to help me overcome this hurdle of vaginismus. Through methods employed on the program, I have been able to expose deep rooted emotional trauma and have been able to cleanse the negative feelings associated, so that no longer are those memories holding me back - now they serve merely as information in my mind of a time that no longer causes me any pain.

Through subconscious programming, I have been nursed back to health, physically. I suffered many strange ailments all at once (fatigue during the day, insomnia, sleep paralysis, mood swings, slight liver inflammation) and the doctors could not explain what was happening, and I almost refused to believe it had its root in my mental state. But it absolutely did - I never would have known this without Katrin introducing this incredible method to me. Following our session, I started to recover so fast, I could not believe it. After 2 months of feeling this way, I was back to normal health in 2 weeks. For that, I can only ever be eternally grateful. I could never have imagined that signing up to a program related to vaginismus could have helped me on such a profound level.

From this emotional healing I have been able to deal with the physical aspects of this journey much quicker - dilator progression, relaxing my pelvic floor muscles - all of this came as a result of getting to the root cause, which for me was buried into my subconscious.

I started this journey with one aim - have PIV sex. I’m ending this 4 month journey very differently. That for me is no longer the clear cut goal - it’s something that will definitely happen in the near future, but of its own will, now that so much emotional cleansing has been done. The goal now? Many will cringe, (but I’m okay with not being 'cool') - to unconditionally love myself. To love how I feel at any moment in time, to forgive myself, to honour myself, to love my body and how it looks at different points in my life, and finally to accept that this is a journey I was meant to be on. Is it an easy card to be dealt? No. Have I gained so much more than I could have ever have imagined as a result of being on this journey and meeting Katrin. Hell, yes.

For example, I have healed some of what I've felt about being born as a woman - I've started to ENJOY my period! This was after feeling disgusted by it for so many years. I started my period so early at 10 years old, and doing so meant I didn’t understand at all what was happening - it led to a frenzied mother putting toilet paper on my knickers and taking me home (I was at my sisters house) to sit in the bath. I felt confused and scared during the whole experience, and it actually stopped me having baths on my period for 10 years and following that. But I no longer feel like this - if anything, when the period cramps start to come, I am almost relieved - it’s almost like a sign from life telling me each month ‘it’s now time to slow down for a few days and it’s okay to do that. Have some chocolate and enjoy yourself.’ It’s an excuse to get into my PJs, wrap myself into a fluffy blanket and have a nice cry. A time to be with my body.

When I bleed, I am amazed at how the human body knows what to do each month, a visual reminder of the beautiful feminine body and its incredible ability to be in sync, all on its own. And if I leak, I don’t freak out anymore. It’s natural, and it’s out of my own beautiful body, and that really is amazing. I also now LOVE having baths on my period - it’s the first thing I do, it’s so soothing and calming, and relaxes me entirely. (I hope you too can find comfort in something during your period to remind you of the beautiful, blessed human that you are.)


My life has changed astronomically in the last 4 months, and I am so thankful to Katrin for this. Even thousands of miles away in distance, I have connected with Katrin in a way that I haven’t even connected with very close people in my life. Because of that connection, I have been able to put absolute trust into Katrin, and boy am I glad that I did. At the end of the day, we are all connected in a higher state of consciousness that we can’t truly comprehend, any form of geographical distance can’t stop that from happening.

Katrin has taught me the importance of a quote I once read - that we are human beings, not human doings. 

I hope that one day, you have the pleasure of connecting with Katrin’s energy, too, as I thank the universe that I had that dream.

- S.
I can look forward to my life again with hope, without this awful cloud of worry hanging over me!
Katrin has given me hope. I cannot recommend her group program enough. 

I have suffered with vaginismus for more than 20 years and honestly thought there was no key to fixing it. I longed to be fully intimate with my husband but we kept hitting a literal brick wall. I found medical professionals had little empathy and were not interested in finding or fixing the emotional root cause. Plus the awful plastic dilators I was given were no help to anyone.

When I stumbled across Katrin, I finally found someone who understood. She had lived with it herself and overcome it. And she created a course to help others that incorporated an emotional healing aspect, not just a physical healing element. I’d never come across that before. But you really can’t fix one without the other!

There have been so many lightbulb moments for me on the emotional healing journey - it has almost been like being a detective in my own life, discovering the reasons why I behave the way I do in certain situations and circumstances. It has been a real eye-opener. And the practices in the emotional healing journey have unlocked so much knowledge about myself that I didn't realise - I'm now much better equipped to deal with emotions and situations!

The physical stretching and tension and trauma releasing techniques along with reverse kegel exercises have also been a game-changer when it comes to relaxing my pelvic floor muscles. Plus the dilator set Katrin recommended has been incredible - so different to the plastic ones I’m used to. I’m actually enjoying working with them!

Having the support of a group on the journey has also been invaluable - knowing that you’re not alone and that you reach out at any time to others on the same journey. A loving network is only a message or an email away.

As for the subconscious programming that is part of it all, I have to say I didn’t know what to expect at first. I had encountered something similar before in my Reiki training, but not in actual healing work. After it helped me on the vaginismus journey with processing part of my past, I felt it could help me in other areas of my life too so I had another 1-on-1 session with Katrin. I honestly don’t know exactly how it works, but it does! It’s completely life-changing! 

I had been suffering with some frustrating health issues and worry over those - I wanted to reverse the worry element as it was robbing my life of joy. And boy, I'm so glad I did! Katrin caringly helped identify what was triggering the emotions in my life, and the blocks holding me back. She also armed me with a plan to stay curious so that I can consciously notice the subconscious changes that happened during our session. And I have to say I feel like a completely different person! It seems that the shift was pretty much instantaneous too! A massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I no longer worry about every minor ailment that befalls me. I can look forward to my life again with hope, without this awful cloud of worry hanging over me! 

This deep subconscious healing approach, combined with Katrin’s caring demeanour, guiding hand and empathetic ear, make these sessions are such a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend Katrin - she’s amazing!

I’m doing the work to reverse vaginismus - for good. I am hopeful for the first time in so many years and I know that I will beat this!

- C.
The emotional work we did prior to any physical work was a key in my successes with Katrin
Before working with Katrin I had a lot of anxiety surrounding sex and dating. I felt as though I couldn't fully connect with friends, because I was missing out on a big part of being a woman!

I knew it was finally time to get help when I came across Katrin's instagram page. She made getting over vaginismus look very possible for me. In our 4 months working together, Katrin has always been someone I could turn to about things related to vaginismus that I would never have communicated to anyone else. 

The emotional work we did prior to any physical work was a key in my successes with Katrin. I was surprised to learn how many life experiences had contributed to my fear of painful sex! I started to emotionally heal from past events, which then allowed me to change my perspective of internal penetration from very scary to a lot more possible. This led to many wins throughout my dilating journey (not without its hiccups of course). 

Overall, my journey with Katrin helped me so much emotionally and physically. I have for the first time ever experienced some pain-free insertion. I have also seen a positive change in my relationships and the way I present myself to the world. I now have the confidence that vaginismus is not something that will haunt me forever, but rather it is just a stage in my life that I will overcome. 

If anyone is in a similar position to me 4 months ago, just know that you are not alone and getting help from Katrin has helped me in more ways than one!

- A. (21 years old, Australia)
I just thought how grateful I am to have found Katrin when I did
I originally found Katrin in December 2019 during a moment of frustration in my vaginismus journey. At a moment of desperation, I googled vaginismus AGAIN and finally stumbled onto her page. 

I joined her email list and paid attention to her periodic emails. Within a few months, I was purchasing one of the recommended dilator sets on my way to overcoming vaginismus. I had my dilator set at least a few months before I ever broke the seal on the packaging. While waiting to become more comfortable with the notion of dilating, I continued following Katrin online as well as the support group established for those of us that have this particular brand of dilators. Eventually, I decided to open the boxes and I began dilating ever so inconsistently. 

Fast forward to October 2021, I felt ready to take her free vaginismus Masterclass. I was so impressed with the structure of the class, the topics she introduced, her way of being so empathetic and understanding and having her own experience with vaginismus... When I heard Katrin speak about the 4 month blended journey, I was definitely intrigued. I hesitated only because I wanted to make sure that I could handle the financial responsibility. Katrin promptly answered a couple of questions which made me more comfortable in knowing this would be a good time to sign up.

There I was, joining Katrin for this next step in my journey, in December 2021, two years after I originally found her online. In this 4 month blended 1-on-1 and group healing journey, Katrin has fostered an extremely supportive community of women and kept us very much engaged. She has provided a variety of activities that we probably would have never known to do on our own. 

A few months after our group journey ended, I once again just thought how grateful I am to have found Katrin when I did. I've never regretted my decision or had buyer's remorse. I have appreciated our time together and I'm extremely thankful for the work she has put into helping us put vaginismus in the past!

So I just wanted to again say thank you Katrin for creating your platform and sharing your resources. Without it, I do think I would have continued trudging this path alone.

-T. R.
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