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Helping you put vaginismus in the past, for good
Sisters Are
Different Flowers From The Same Garden
You have some incredible people in your life, but it's likely that none of them REALLY understand what you're going through... It's only natural - they haven't experienced vaginismus!
It's time to bravely choose to move away from isolation and into community. 
It's an incredibly bonding experience to go on this journey alongside a group of brave humans who intimately know much of what you've been through..

You now get to go through the tough times together, inspire each other and celebrate all of your milestones to your sexual liberation! The journey becomes much easier with both me and this amazing sisterhood by your side. 
Sexually Liberated Group
Create Your Transformation Within Sisterhood
Healing happens in community.. Oh the wins we'll get to celebrate over 4 months!
I wish I had someone to call back in the day. Someone who would ACTUALLY understand.

I'd love to create that community for you.

To help accelerate and ease your path to the limitless and pleasurable sex life that you've always dreamed of!

Or as is often the case, an even better sex life than you imagined!

We'll have 8 two-hour video calls together as a group (one call every 2 weeks) and I'll be there for you with support over email WHENEVER you need it. The calls will be scheduled to take into account everybody's availabilities, so that you have a chance to attend the majority of them live. For those you aren't able to make, you'll receive a recording.

The journey will focus on healing of the mind, body and spirit, a holistic approach. During calls, we'll engage in various practices that prioritize your mental and emotional well-being, the foundation of an effective physical healing journey. We'll also be infusing an exploration of pleasure, a portion of the adventure that is often overlooked by traditional medical methodologies.

During another one-hour call, this time 1-on-1 with me, I will support you more personally and we will use subconscious belief change processes to begin to erase the cumulative effects of life-long programming on a subconscious level of mind. As a group, we will also engage in exercises to release deep tension and trauma stored in your body's musculature and fascia.

In between calls, I'll provide you with step-by-step home play activities to help you make consistent steps forward in your journey. These include emotional healing practices, pelvic floor relaxation exercises, games to rekindle intimate connection with yourself and others, as well as in-depth guidance so that you can have success with dilating once and for all. All so that you can find a deep sense of safety, relaxation and pleasure in your body.

You'll also get a digital planner customized to your sexual liberation adventure - so you easily track your progress, prioritize your well-being, stay motivated and celebrate your wins!

And a note on the magic of the group dynamic - it provides an irreplaceable layer of belonging, deep healing AND variety in perspectives that are only available through community!

Armed with my love and that of our sisterhood during 4 months together, anytime email support, home play activities, your very own digital planner...

You'll be BEST equipped to put vaginismus in your past! For good!
Value: Absolutely Priceless
Sexually Liberated Group Is $2,222
Doors Are Open For The Discounted Investment Of $1,777 (20% Off!)
We get to work together in our group and 1-on-1 for the one-time payment of $1,777. (Or if you prefer, 4 monthly payments of $537!)
(Our next journey will start in January 2023!)
I'm ready to start now! Why a consultation?
Your comfort and trust are my top priority, especially with this intimate topic.

I'd love to get to know you and your story first, and answer any questions you may have. So we can know with absolute certainty if we are a good fit and so that you can pick the best suited structure of support for YOU. Whether that adventure is purely 1-on-1, as part of our group, or self-paced through online courses.

If my form of continued support doesn't resonate for you, I still trust that our conversation will have been valuable AND I can guide you to another resource that may be helpful in your particular situation.

Once we have connected and if you have decided that the group option is best for you - great, let's get started!

30 Day Guarantee

No questions asked 30 day refund guarantee. If you are unhappy for any reason, get your money back.

Secure Payment

Your credit card details are not stored on our servers. The information goes directly from your computer to our secure payment service provider.
AND you have an option for 1-on-1 support
Anytime 1-on-1 support at your fingertips is a fantastic supplement to your Sexually Liberated Group journey. You get me in your pocket for anytime guidance over 4 months!

Imagine being able to pick up your phone and ask me a question, share a win, or simply to feel heard. Imagine receiving regular loving check-ins from me in ways that feels most supportive and nourishing to your personally.

With my real-time support, you can go all in with your liberation! Simply download the Voxer app on your phone and we're ready to get started.
Value: Absolutely Priceless
Your 1-on-1 Walkie Talkie Support Add-On Is $1,111
Please Summarize My Options!
There are 3 options for you to choose from, to customize your experience of Sexually Liberated!
1. Sexually Liberated Group
- 8 two-hour group video calls over 4 months
- 1 one-hour video call 1-on-1 with me

Loving support structure:
- anytime group email support
- digital planner
- Pain Free and Intimate Community Facebook group
- Forums off-Facebook
$1,777 pay in full
Or 4 monthly payments of $537
2. Sexually Liberated Group With 1-on-1 Support
- 8 two-hour group video calls over 4 months
- 1 one-hour video call 1-on-1 with me

Loving support structure:
- anytime group email support
- digital planner
- Pain Free and Intimate Community Facebook group
- Forums off-Facebook
- anytime 1-on-1 walkie-talkie support
$2,888 pay in full
Or $1,648 today + 3 monthly payments of $537
*Click the check-box for the add-on
3. Sexually Liberated Group As A Solo Experience
- No calls

Loving support structure:
- digital planner
- Pain Free and Intimate Community Facebook group
- our Forums that live off-Facebook
$1,111 pay in full
I REALLY want to start with just one call, is that an option?
Yes, we can have a one-off 1-on-1 call together! 

This option may be for you if you feel that you cannot commit to 4 months together, or you simply desire to have my support spontaneously throughout your healing journey.
Your Life Has Been A Minefield...

One explosion after another... 

Some days, you lay in bed for hours running through it all in your head - lost in the darkness of your thoughts.

Asking yourself "WHYYY ME *insert swear words here*?!". 

"What did I do wrong?"

For me...
It seemed like everyone around me was living their best life, and here I was... STUCK. CONFUSED.

It just wasn’t FAIR! In the beginning, I was sad...

Then angry.

I didn’t feel like I deserved the pain at first.

Later, my inner conversation included, "What if I DO deserve to be miserable?” I started by looking for answers all over the place.

Then I began wondering whether my pain really WAS in my head, like my doctor alluded to.

I don’t know if you’ll believe me, but I hope you do...

Your pain is NOT in your head.

It’s real.

And what’s ALSO real is that you CAN get through vaginismus.  Many brave vulva owners like you have done it. The path ahead of you has already been walked!
Now, you can have a choice - to follow in the footsteps of others.. or to remain where you are.

And no one choice is superior than the other. 

I believe that you will take action only when you're ready. And whenever you are ready is the PERFECT time for you.

If and when you feel up for the journey forward, I want you to know that there are people who understand.

Unfortunately your loving family and friends can't relate to you fully... 

They just haven’t experienced the excruciating pain, both physical and emotional! But there ARE people who understand.

So the first step is simply to explore what the path forward has looked like for others. 

And for that, I’m here to share my story.

Or just serve as an ear to listen to yours, IF you'd like to share.
I would absolutely love to help you overcome vaginismus, like I did. 

So you can melt into the unconstrained possibilities of intimacy...

Cuddle after penetrative sex, with tears of JOY in your eyes!

And an overwhelming sense of peace.

So you can experience the pleasure that you WANT.

So you get to CHOOSE whether you have kids and how to conceive.

I’d love to help you get that choice back. 

That confidence.

Your true self.

So you can live your life according to your rules.

You have SO much life ahead of you! 

You are worthy of love!
You are worthy of everything that YOU desire - no limitations.

One day...

When you look back at all of this, it will seem like a distant memory. 

And you will be so proud of yourself that you stuck through the journey for long enough to come out on the other side!

I’m not saying it will be easy. 

I’m saying I know you’re capable.

So all that’s left for you to decide is if you’re willing!

Allow me to be your personal guide in your journey.
After years of trying, in just the second month of working with Katrin, I had been completely transformed and now I was going to be a mother
I ended up signing up for the 1-on-1 with Katrin because I knew I could not do this alone. We started off with an emotional healing journey that was extremely helpful and one that I did not know I needed. 

We did some subconscious programming to work through what had happened to me since I was a child. I realized that the unhealthy relationship I had with sex and the fear of getting pregnant was the psychological trigger to my vaginismus and without healing this part you cannot really unlock the rest of your body to accept PIV sex. This was really the key for me. 

Having Katrin by my side to support and guide me has been life altering, and if there is anything I wish for others with vaginismus, it's to go ahead on this journey with Katrin
​The program has been amazing. 

I didn't realize that so much emotional work took part in overcoming vaginismus. I had all the wrong information on dilators and how to use them. The program for me wasn't just steps to take, but it is heart and soul and there was a point where I couldn't believe how much release was happening in my body, emotionally and physically. 

A specific win I had was when I could put the 4th dilator in me without pain, this happened two months into the process - I am now on the second last dilator with ease. 

To explain the benefit I got from Katrin would probably take me a whole lifetime
Talking with Katrin for the first time felt like a breath of fresh air. I have never met anyone in my life who related to my situation so intensely. She understood me in ways I always wanted the people in my life to. 

I didn’t have to explain much to Katrin - she just understood, and she was so optimistic about my journey. She made me feel seen and heard, something I never knew was possible in my vaginismus journey. After chatting with Katrin, from that moment on I knew I had to enrol in the Sexually Liberated Journey. It was the first step of me doing something for myself - which was ultimately the key to me overcoming vaginismus. 

I was absolutely over the moon when I realised that I even enjoyed using a dilator! I never EVER thought this could be possible.
I noticed that I began to walk differently down the street, holding myself up, taking bigger and slower strides, unafraid to take my time and space. I looked around me and noticed that I had made a circle of friends around me who were genuine friends, and that we were forming deep and meaningful bonds. 

When I hung out with them, I wasn’t afraid to just relax, and laugh loudly, speak my mind, and even dance freely without a care. This in turn brought us even closer together, deepening the bonds further.

If you are on the fence about working with Katrin... DO IT!
I promise it will be so helpful and SO worth it. Her wisdom and kind natured approach is exactly what I needed to continue moving forward with my journey. She always gives you the time to process and breathe through things and never rushes your progress. 

She will become the calming voice in your head when you are feeling overwhelmed and she will skillfully and gently guide you back to the path.

Starting my 1-on-1 journey with Katrin was one of the best decisions I have ever made
Honestly, this whole experience changed me - I am stronger, I love myself, I believe in myself and am living my best life thanks to Katrin. I will be forever grateful to Katrin for putting this program together and guiding me on my journey.

I still look up at the sky on my daily walk and say thank you to Katrin who I have nicknamed my sex fairy.

I healed and forgave my body
I’m so proud of myself for taking the leap of faith and investing in this work. It has truly changed my life - I feel more comfortable in my body than I have for most of my adult life. At the beginning of our journey together, Katrin asked me to envision the life I wanted to create for myself and it felt so far out of reach. In just four months, I can confidently say that the life I envision for myself - the life that is full of pleasure, love, intimacy, abundance, creativity, passion, and adventure - is happening all around me. It is here. I am forever grateful.

And 2 months after our journey officially ended, I messaged Katrin to share something with her that I celebrated BIG! Over one weekend, I had PIV sex that felt amazing - it was not expected and I was so surprised my body responded with pleasure and I’m sooo happy. I told her I could not have done it without her!

My deep wish came true
Thank you dear Katrin. Actually, words cannot properly describe what you have meant to me during the path I followed with you.. Together with you I have a greater sense of freedom, playfulness and fun.. I now allow myself to and ENJOY expressing my wishes, having them get fulfilled AND I continue to discover more what excites me - what I like in my exploration of nice intercourse. All of that brings me freedom and peace. Now I move on to discover what else I (and we) can experience and discover within my (and our) sexuality. In fact, I look forward to it!

I can recommend anyone to contact Katrin. You will be surprised by the gentle and expert way in which she can guide you towards YOUR wish.

Katrin has become my mentor and friend. She’s my little light!
You know, someone once said that I was a cold fish in bed and of course I was - the anxiety and pain had me feeling paralyzed and stuck!

Even though I’m not having partnered penetrative sex yet (and don’t have a partner to try it with), I’ve now shifted the anxiety I was feeling about my sexuality into more of a sense of adventure. Still, during this journey I experienced non-penetrative sex with a partner and felt like without the expectation of going all the way, I could allow myself to surrender to the masculine and have fun with it! 

Even though I had too often been overpowered by men sexually before, I now know that I set the rules and get to celebrate my sexual energy with a partner, however it likes to be expressed. Also knowing that no man can make me do something I don’t want to!

I wish for YOU TOO to give yourself this gift. It will have a rippling-out effect on your entire life!
I'm not totally out of the woods. I feel like I am still working through many feelings of numbness, which is definitely better than any pain! I am able to not feel pain when putting in the dilators and pleasure wands. I still have not had penetrative sex with a partner. I feel that this, like many of the partner exercises, were put on hold because I didn't have a partner at the time the calls were taking place.

I notice I feel a lot less vulnerable in the world. I have a shell of protection so my body doesn't need to be in constant 'protection' mode. I don't feel the need to internally clench up. I am able to access my emotions a lot better... Listening to and honoring what is authentic for me.

I have left every single call with Katrin with my jaw on the floor in shock at what I have been able to do with her unwavering support
I started this journey with one aim - have PIV sex. I’m ending this 4 month journey very differently. That for me is no longer the clear cut goal - it’s something that will definitely happen in the near future, but of its own will, now that so much emotional cleansing has been done. 

The goal now? Many will cringe, (but I’m okay with not being 'cool') - to unconditionally love myself. To love how I feel at any moment in time, to forgive myself, to honour myself, to love my body and how it looks at different points in my life, and finally to accept that this is a journey I was meant to be on. Is it an easy card to be dealt? No. Have I gained so much more than I could have ever have imagined as a result of being on this journey and meeting Katrin. Hell, yes.

I can look forward to my life again with hope, without this awful cloud of worry hanging over me!
I had been suffering with some frustrating health issues and worry over those - I wanted to reverse the worry element as it was robbing my life of joy. And boy, I'm so glad I did! Katrin caringly helped identify what was triggering the emotions in my life, and the blocks holding me back. She also armed me with a plan to stay curious so that I can consciously notice the subconscious changes that happened during our session. 

And I have to say I feel like a completely different person! It seems that the shift was pretty much instantaneous too! A massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I no longer worry about every minor ailment that befalls me. 

The emotional work we did prior to any physical work was a key in my successes with Katrin
I was surprised to learn how many life experiences had contributed to my fear of painful sex! I started to emotionally heal from past events, which then allowed me to change my perspective of internal penetration from very scary to a lot more possible. This led to many wins throughout my dilating journey (not without its hiccups of course). 

Overall, my journey with Katrin helped me so much emotionally and physically. I have for the first time ever experienced some pain-free insertion. I have also seen a positive change in my relationships and the way I present myself to the world. I now have the confidence that vaginismus is not something that will haunt me forever, but rather it is just a stage in my life that I will overcome. 

I just thought how grateful I am to have found Katrin when I did
I have appreciated our time together and I'm extremely thankful for the work she has put into helping us put vaginismus in the past!

So I just wanted to again say thank you Katrin for creating your platform and sharing your resources. Without it, I do think I would have continued trudging this path alone.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed
My commitment to you is to provide immense value in our time together. 

If you're not totally satisfied with what you got for ANY reason, please send me an email at within 30 days of your investment. You'll get a full and courteous refund right away, no questions asked.
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