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Helping you put vaginismus in the past, for good
Reigniting The Spark
To Your Own Desires
Have you ever thought, "Is that supposed to feel good?"

Due to the huge amounts of pain you've experienced, originally thinking it's a 'normal' part of sex, you may have gritted your teeth through pain on more than one occasion to satisfy your partner.
You've accidentally put your own pleasure near the bottom of your priorities list... 
Perhaps never finding out what actually feels good in your body.

Overcoming vaginismus involves finding safety in intimate experiences again. Finding out what pleasurable, loving touch looks like for you and being able to communicate your needs, wants (and boundaries) to a partner.
Rekindling Intimate Connection
Finding Safety In Pleasure With Yourself And Others
Your relationship with pleasure, re-freshed
Whether you're partnered or not, it's crucial to find safety in intimacy, rekindle your love for your body, explore your sexual desires, and be able to openly communicate your preferences and boundaries.

This is a collection of exercises to help you approach intimacy in an intentional way that prioritizes each dynamic of giving and receiving touch. 

So that you are more present in your body versus being distracted by the mind. So that you discover your true sexual desires free of shame or the tendency to please others. And so your authentic sexual self feels honoured and heard.
Value: Absolutely Priceless
Rekindling Intimate Connection Is $97
I finally had pain free sex!
I cried tears of joy because I never thought it would happen! And since, I’ve been doing amazing. 

I just wanted to say thank you so much for making a platform and for not making me feel alone. Because of you, I was able to conquer and defeat vaginismus! You’re such an inspiration to me and to young women who experience vaginismus…

Thank you Katrin from the bottom of my heart for giving me the hope and strength to believe in myself, to stay patient and to truly listen to my body!
Yesterday, it happened! I had my first time PIV!! 

I didn‘t plan it (which was good I think), I just had the feeling in the moment that we could try it now. It didn‘t work the first attempt, but my partner calmed me and we just tried it after a while again, very slowly and carefully. And it went in easier than I expected! 

I was so proud and happy. I think I will still need time to fully relax, get used to it and have more varied penetrative sex, but inserting the penis was such a big step for me and I am so so happy that I was patient enough to wait for the right moment and that I listened to my body and thought "You can do it".

Let's Talk About What You Get...
Here is everything you'll get, all through online access.

You'll receive guidance for EACH of the topics listed below, in video format. Nothing in Rekindling Intimate Connection will need to be physically shipped to you.
Foundations Of Finding Safety First
Exploring Safety And Pleasure Through Touch

Want To Vs. Willing To
Exploring Pleasure
​​Giving Vs. Receiving

What Is Pleasure?

Finding Pleasure In Your Hands Game
Taking And Allowing
Taking And Allowing Dynamic

Taking And Allowing Game
Giving And Receiving
Giving And Receiving Dynamic

Giving And Receiving Game
Putting It All Together
The Wheel Of Consent

The 3 Minute Game Dynamic

The 3 Minute Game
Navigating Relationships To Self And Others
​​How To Rekindle Intimate Connection, Guided By A Surrogate Partner Therapist

Loving Who You See In The Mirror

Genital Pain In Relationships: A Man Found Out What Being Supportive Looks Like And Shares His Story

Inside The Mind Of Your Partner: Exclusive Interview About Vaginismus And Relationships
Wrapping Up
Celebrate Yourself!

What's Next?
Value: Absolutely Priceless
A real chance at a vaginismus free life is priceless. And if we had to put a price tag on it...
You Get Rekindling Intimate Connection For Just $97
You also get a loving support structure
Realizing that you weren't alone all along is an incredibly healing part of the journey. With a newfound vaginismus family, you'll feel supported, perhaps for the first time ever, by other amazing people who are on the path as you.

You'll also have my personal attention in the group, to answer your questions, share experiences and tips and celebrate your progress with you!

Your loving support structure is made up of your individualized digital planner, access to the private Vaginismus Sisters Community on Facebook, as well as our Forums that live off-Facebook. 
Value: Absolutely Priceless
Rekindling Intimate Connection Along With Your Loving Support Structure Is ONLY $97

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