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Helping you put vaginismus in the past, for good
Safety And Authentic Arousal
Lead To Mind-Blowing Pleasure
Claiming your sexual freedom is SUCH a crucial part of the journey back home to yourself.

Simply by being a woman in the world, it's only natural that a part of you is wary about expressing your sexual self. Subconsciously, you may have put walls up, leading to numbness, disassociation and even pain - yes, even if you consciously desire that intimate connection! 
Nurturing and loving touch, as well as deeply rooted safety, is what your nervous system craves... 
It's what YOU need to experience authentic arousal before moving onto further sexual experiences, especially penetration! It's what your body needs to physically relax also.

The Pleasure Exploration Journey is a deep dive into the topic of getting present to nourishing pleasure in your body.
Pleasure Exploration Journey
Getting Your Libido Back By Rediscovering Your Sexual Self
Experiencing deeply rooted safety, confidence and pleasure in your body
It's absolutely essential to create a healthy relationship to your eroticism, in order to experience authentic arousal and nourishing, pleasurable sensations. That's also the road to getting your libido back and in general to reclaiming your AUTHENTIC sexual self... Free of any urge to 'performing' in the bedroom - a sure path to losing yourself!

This adventure is a carefully curated collection of practices to guide you on the journey back to safety and desire in your body. To feeling love for yourself. To seeing your eroticism as beautiful.. And to feeling sexy and worthy of pleasure!
Value: Absolutely Priceless
Pleasure Exploration Journey Is $197
You get the Pleasure Exploration Journey for the one-time payment of $197! (Or if you prefer, 5 bi-weekly payments of $47!)

The video adventure is in the process of being recorded and will be available in 2023.
It's A Deeply Healing Experience...
If you're anything like I was...

You have suppressed your human instincts to experience pleasure. 

Of course you did!

The attempt of feeling pleasure in the past has often resulted in pain and disappointment...

It's so natural that you aren't first in line for exploring this kind of deep intimacy with yourself.

Your sexual desires may have faded. 

You may struggle with shame in your sexuality. 

You may have also hidden away much of the sensual and feminine part of your being.

She's still in there...

But she's laying dormant. 

You've protected her under layers of other wonderful parts of you. The ones that feel safer out in the world.

Your high performer self - the one that excels in her job, or as a loving daughter, or as a mother.

Your 'alpha woman' has taken centre stage.

She has been your safety blanket.

I know, she was mine too... 
You've done a beautiful job protecting that vulnerable part of you.

And now it's time to gently invite her out. To create a safe space for her to be seen again.

Deeply loved for everything she has been through.

It's time to set her free!

To let loose and play in the way SHE wants to - not in the way the world tells her she 'should'.

You see...

Your nervous system is your alarm system. 

It has a unique 'wiring'. To feel safe, it craves touch, turn on and pleasure in a particular way.

And it will shut down if it doesn't receive what it so deeply craves...

That's why it's important to find out exactly what it's been longing for...

And using that secret code, lovingly open the door to safety.

This is a deeply nurturing experience.

One of emotional healing...

That leads to physical relaxation.

I invite you to take a brave step on this journey to finding safety, pleasure and relaxation within.
Let's Talk About What You Get...
Here is everything you'll get, all through online access.

You'll receive guidance for EACH of the topics listed below, in video format. Nothing in Pleasure Exploration Journey will need to be physically shipped to you.
Getting Started
Our Common Story

The Transformation

The Concept Of 'Normal'
Pleasure And Sex Are Good
Defining Pleasure

Redefining Sex

The Stages Of Your Sexuality

Finding Safety In Surrender
Moving Through Obstacles
Shame And Shadows

Artistry Of Pleasure
Love Languages

Erotic Languages

- Energetic

- Sensual

- Kinky

- Sexual

- Shapeshifter

Introduction To Exploring Pleasure
The Pleasure Playground
Energetic Play

Sensual Play

Kinky Play

Sexual Play

Shapeshifter Play

Reflection And Debrief
Wrapping Up
Celebrate Yourself!

What's Next?
Value: Absolutely Priceless
A real chance at a sexually liberated life is priceless. And if we had to put a price tag on it...
You Get Pleasure Exploration Journey For Just $197
You get the Pleasure Exploration Journey for the one-time payment of $197! (Or if you prefer, 5 bi-weekly payments of $47!)

The video adventure is in the process of being recorded and will be available in 2023.

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