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The Best Preparation For Penetration
Is Full Body Relaxation
The perfect first step in the physical healing journey is gaining awareness and control of your pelvic floor muscles.
Before EVER starting dilating, it is crucial that you engage in a physical relaxation process!
Not ONLY directly with the pelvic floor muscles, but the rest of the muscle groups that contribute to tension in your pelvic floor.

And if you've been dilating with little progress, or have already given up (perhaps multiple times), I invite you to take a pause and invest some time in pelvic floor relaxation exercises. It may prove to be the best step 'backwards' you ever took.
Pelvic Floor Relaxation Exercises
Gaining Awareness And Control Of Your Pelvic Floor
A gift of relaxation not only for your pelvic floor, but for your entire body
Being able to insert anything into your vaginal opening starts with becoming aware of your pelvic floor muscles.

This is a collection of exercises, both written instructions and delivered over video, to help you achieve this awareness and gain conscious control of your pelvic floor muscles. 

So you can learn to relax them at your will.

It includes clear guidance on breathing, reverse kegels (NOT the standard ones), stretching and massage exercises that you can easily incorporate into your self-care and fitness routines.

You'll also love the guided meditations I've recorded for you!
Value: Absolutely Priceless
Pelvic Floor Relaxation Exercises Is $37
I went through my first PAP test
In the past I tried but wasn’t able to go through with it and had asked the healthcare provider to stop (about 2 years back). I’m now on dilator 7 (tried dilator 8 but I don’t think I’m ready for it yet)..

But your course Pelvic Floor Relaxation Exercises has helped me a lot. I’m just so ecstatic that this is even possible for me!

To think that I now have my own success story is unreal
Now my partner and I are having penetrative sex and more importantly I enjoy it! 
I worked so hard to overcome vaginismus and it has paid off. I was so lucky to have a patient man who is gentle and understanding even when times were hard. My advice for others going through this is to be kind to yourself and be persistent… small steps can lead to big changes.

Let's Talk About What You Get...
Here is everything you'll get, all through online access.

You'll receive guidance for EACH of the topics listed below, in video format. Nothing in Pelvic Floor Relaxation Exercises will need to be physically shipped to you.
Getting Started
For Those Who Love Reading Along
Pelvic Floor Relaxation Exercises
What Are Pelvic Floor Relaxation Exercises?

Achieving Pelvic Floor Awareness

Pelvic Floor Awareness Exercise
Why The Correct Breathing Technique?

Belly Breathing Exercise
Guided Meditations
Finding Safety And Relaxation Meditation

Pelvic Floor Relaxation Meditation

Womb Space Healing Meditation

​​Deep Rest Meditation
Reverse Kegels
Why Reverse Kegels?

Reverse Kegels Exercise
Why Full Body Stretching?

Stretching Exercises

Dance It Out
Manual Release
Deep Tissue Massage

Hip Tension Release
Jaw Relaxation
Jaw Relaxation Exercises
Wrapping Up
Celebrate Yourself!

What's Next?
Value: Absolutely Priceless
A real chance at a vaginismus free life is priceless. And if we had to put a price tag on it...
You Get Pelvic Floor Relaxation Exercises For Just $37
You also get a loving support structure
Realizing that you weren't alone all along is an incredibly healing part of the journey. With a newfound vaginismus family, you'll feel supported, perhaps for the first time ever, by other amazing people who are on the path as you.

You'll also have my personal attention in the group, to answer your questions, share experiences and tips and celebrate your progress with you!

Your loving support structure is made up of your individualized digital planner, access to the private Vaginismus Sisters Community on Facebook, as well as our Forums that live off-Facebook. 
Value: Absolutely Priceless
Pelvic Floor Relaxation Exercises Along With Your Loving Support Structure Is ONLY $37

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