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You Deserve Support On Your Road Past Vaginismus
Here Are The Healing Journeys We Can Embark On Together
Schedule A 45 Minute Private Consultation - $44
Regularly Scheduled
Online Gatherings
Community Meet-Ups
Community Meet-Ups are the regular gatherings with fellow vaginismus warriors, so you feel supported on this healing journey.

They are made up of the 3 either bi-weekly or monthly classes below, all of which you can choose to attend as often as you'd like.
Join Mind To Body Connection Yoga - $17
Experience Power Of Words - $17
Shake It Up With Tension And Trauma Release - $27
At Your Own Pace
Online Journeys
Masterclass Musings
Masterclass Musings are the real and raw conversations I’ve had with small groups of you during our 3 day Masterclass events.

You can choose to invest in the complete collection of conversations, or dive into the stand-alone Masterclasses independently.
Join Us Inside Masterclass Musings (Includes ALL 4 Masterclasses Below) - $333
Experience The Vaginismus Real Talk Masterclass - $97
Listen To The Overcoming Vaginismus Masterclass - $97
Dive Deep Into The Sexually Liberated Masterclass - $97
Journey With The Safety In Love Masterclass - $97
Topic-Specific Modules
These are my topic-specific modules, designed to support you in overcoming vaginismus.
Access Putting Vaginismus In The Past - Free
Engage In An Emotional Healing Journey - $197
Move Onto Rekindling Intimate Connection - $97
Begin The Physical Healing Journey With Pelvic Floor Relaxation Exercises - $37
Finish The Journey With Pleasant And Effective Dilating - $297
Pain Free And Intimate Recipe
Pain Free And Intimate Recipe is my complete online course that you can move through at your own pace. 

It's designed to closely replicate the 4 month program, Sexually Liberated, but without the calls.
Join Us Inside The Pain Free and Intimate Recipe - $1,111
Unique To You 
Personalized Support
Unique To You Personalized Support is exactly that.  It is designed to help you in the most customized way in creating the life you desire.

It can be either with my purely 1-on-1 support, or in a group format with some 1-on-1 support (where you go on the journey with your specific group from start to finish). You sign up to participate in bi-weekly sessions for a 4 month period and there's also an option to be supported 1-on-1 by me more spontaneously, on your terms. 

Our next Sexually Liberated group starts in December 2022 or earlier depending on interest!
Sexually Liberated 1-On-1 - $4,444
Sexually Liberated Group - $1,777
1-On-1 Deep Dive - $222
1-On-1 Walkie Talkie Support - $333
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