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Here Are The Growth Journeys We Can Embark On Together
Journey With The Safety In Love Masterclass - Free
Looking at only sex itself leaves us with blind spots. Frustrating sexual experiences are left unexplained! See, before you can find safety in sexual intimacy, it's important to zoom out and consider your relationship to love itself!

That's why I broaden the conversation to encompass safety in love. Safety in vulnerability. Safety in personal expression. We take a closer look at how our early experiences of life have shaped us into how we eventually showed up in the bedroom.

This Masterclass is THE most deep one we've ever had, full of incredibly relatable and raw stories about love and life.
At Your Own Pace
Online Journeys
Pleasure Exploration Journey
The Pleasure Exploration Journey is my online course, designed to dive even deeper into your eroticism and reclaim your sexual self.
Sign Up For The Pleasure Exploration Journey - $197
Claiming your sexual freedom is SUCH a crucial part of the journey back home to yourself.

Simply by being a woman in the world, it's only natural that a part of you is wary about expressing your sexual self.  Subconsciously, you may have put walls up, leading to numbness, disassociation and even pain - yes, even if you consciously desire that intimate connection! Nurturing and loving touch, as well as deeply rooted safety, is what your nervous system craves... It's what YOU need to experience authentic arousal before moving onto further sexual experiences, especially penetration! It's what your body needs to physically relax also.

The Pleasure Exploration Journey is a deep dive into the topic of getting present to nourishing pleasure in your body.
Regularly Scheduled
Online Gatherings
Liberation Sessions
Liberation Sessions are representative of a greater movement. They are safe spaces for you, designed to support you in embodying your liberation. In becoming Unleashed.

These are bi-weekly sessions that you participate in over 3 months, alongside a constantly growing group.
Join Liberated & In Love Academy - $333
You are a woman with conviction and you have risen despite incredibly difficult circumstances. You are so proud of yourself for how far you've come, having survived private battles while still holding your life together - and you're humble about it! You have started to let go of people pleasing tendencies, eased your perfectionism and tasted freedom in your mind, body and soul. 

Still, the wild, free-spirited life-loving woman inside you feels suffocated. She craves time for herself to rest, bask in her creativity, feed her romantic side and pursue her dreams!

It's time to let the lover and muse within see the light of day. It's time to transform your wealth of knowledge into wisdom by embodying the treasures within that make you authentically you.
Community Meet-Ups
Community Meet-Ups are the regular gatherings with members of our community, so you feel supported on this growth journey.

They are currently made up of one monthly (to be bi-weekly) class below, which you can choose to attend as often as you'd like. 

And if you're interested in the Mind To Body Connection Yoga and Power Of Words meet-ups, check out the Vaginismus Love Recipes.
Shake It Up With Tension And Trauma Release - $27
This practice is an absolute MUST in the journey of overcoming vaginismus.

That's because the mechanism of Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE®) helps release deep muscular stress and tension held within the body, from the inside out. This process calms both the body and the nervous system, restoring a grounded sense of being. As well, tension release from the body oftentimes leads the brain to register a reduction in the fight or flight signals, contributing to an easing in stress and pain.

This group class is led by myself personally, as I am a Certified TRE® Provider. A prerequisite to participate is that you've already had a 1-on-1 TRE® session with me and know how to self-regulate.
Unique To You 
Personalized Support
Unique To You Personalized Support is exactly that.  It is designed to help you in the most customized way in creating the life you desire.
1-On-1 Deep Dive - $222
You prefer not to commit to 4 months together - you simply want some/more 1-on-1 support from me. You crave to ask for personalized guidance and advice on your own time. Spontaneously throughout your journey, on your terms.

I'm here for that. In fact, I am committed to helping you with ALL topics related to sex, love and relationships!

Our time together can consist of conversation and guidance customized to whatever situation you're dealing with. We may also choose to engage in subconscious re-programming work together and/or somatic release of tension and trauma, both of which are part of the Sexually Liberated 4 month journeys.
1-On-1 Walkie Talkie Support - $333
What if my consistent 1-on-1 attention is a game-changer for you? Even if just to help you stay accountable with the steps you're already taking, it can make all the difference. 

Whether to serve as confirmation for what you're on the right track, to guide you to pivot in any way, or simply to upkeep a level of motivation and excitement on your journey...

This looks like us connecting on a text, picture and audio messaging platform, much like a walkie talkie, as often as you'd like over a month... 
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