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You Deserve Support On Your Road To Your Dream Love Life
Here Are The Growth Journeys We Can Embark On Together
Journey With The Safety In Love Masterclass - Free
At Your Own Pace
Online Journeys
Pleasure Exploration Journey
The Pleasure Exploration Journey is my online course, designed to dive even deeper into your eroticism and reclaim your sexual self.
Sign Up For The Pleasure Exploration Journey - $197
Regularly Scheduled
Online Gatherings
Liberation Sessions
Liberation Sessions are representative of a greater movement. They are safe spaces for you, designed to support you in embodying your liberation. In becoming Unleashed.

These are bi-weekly sessions that you participate in over 3 months, alongside a constantly growing group.
Join Liberated & In Love Academy - $333
Community Meet-Ups
Community Meet-Ups are the regular gatherings with members of our community, so you feel supported on this growth journey.

They are currently made up of one monthly (to be bi-weekly) class below, which you can choose to attend as often as you'd like. 

And if you're interested in the Mind To Body Connection Yoga and Power Of Words meet-ups, check out the Vaginismus Love Recipes.
Shake It Up With Tension And Trauma Release - $27
Unique To You 
Personalized Support
Unique To You Personalized Support is exactly that.  It is designed to help you in the most customized way in creating the life you desire.
1-On-1 Deep Dive - $222
1-On-1 Walkie Talkie Support - $333
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