Katrin Has Fostered An Extremely Supportive Community Of Women

I originally found Katrin in December 2019 during a moment of frustration in my vaginismus journey. 

I joined her email list and within a few months, I was purchasing one of the recommended dilator sets on my way to overcoming vaginismus. I had my dilator set at least a few months before I ever broke the seal on the packaging. While waiting to become more comfortable with the notion of dilating, I continued following Katrin online as well as the support group established for those of us that have this particular brand of dilators. Eventually, I decided to open the boxes and I began dilating ever so inconsistently. 

Fast forward to October 2021, when I took the free vaginismus Masterclass. I was so impressed with the structure of the class and the activities presented that when I heard Katrin speak about the 4 month blended journey, I was definitely intrigued. I hesitated only because I wanted to make sure that I could handle the financial responsibility. Katrin promptly answered a couple of questions which made me more comfortable in knowing this would be a good time to sign up.

There I was, joining Katrin for this next step in my journey, in December 2021, two years after I originally found her online.

In this 4 month blended 1-on-1 and group healing journey, Katrin has fostered an extremely supportive community of women and kept us very much engaged. She has provided a variety of activities that we probably would have never known to do on our own. 

I’m extremely thankful for the work Katrin has put into helping us put vaginismus in the past.


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