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You Deserve Support On Your Road Past Vaginismus
Here Are The Healing Journeys We Can Embark On Together
1. Schedule A 45 Minute Private Consultation - Free
Talking about vaginismus can be incredibly difficult, even with those who care about you most...

Because although they have all the right intentions, they just can't understand what you're going through - they haven't experienced vaginismus themselves!

I've been in your shoes and I'd be honoured to serve as an ear to listen from a place of love and compassion.

I'm here for you...

I'd love to hear your story, answer your questions and offer a plan of action to help you create a pain free and intimate life!
At Your Own Pace
Online Journeys
Masterclass Musings
Masterclass Musings are the real and raw conversations I’ve had with small groups of you during our 3 day Masterclass events.

It’s made up of the 3 stand-alone Masterclasses below, that you can dive into independently, or you can choose to invest in the complete collection of conversations!
Experience The Vaginismus Real Talk Masterclass - $88
Wishing you can finally talk to someone who has experienced at least SOME of the emotional and physical pain you've gone through?

This is your chance to witness some incredibly vulnerable shares about my journey of overcoming vaginismus, while also hearing about the relatable yet unique experiences of members of our community.

In this Masterclass, the conversation flows naturally between a variety of topics. It feels as though we're meeting up for tea for a much needed sharing circle!
Listen To The Overcoming Vaginismus Masterclass - $88
Are you looking for clarity of what the journey of overcoming vaginismus really looks like, practically? 

This conversation is all about the holistic approach to healing both the emotional and physical pain of the vaginismus body response. You'll learn the 3 pillars of exploration that this path entails and why the recommended sequence of events is crucial.

The conversation in this Masterclass is laid out in a detailed and informational way, while including vulnerable examples of my life and a hint of play!
Dive Deep Into The Sexually Liberated Masterclass - $88
In the context of your emotional and physical state of being, as well as your erotic identity.. Are you curious about what's on the other side of overcoming vaginismus? 

To me, success in this journey isn't defined as being able to be a receiving partner of penetrative sex in a way that is pain-free. The healing path is about becoming an active participant in all forms of sex, without limitations AND with a newfound sense of confidence and passion!

In this Masterclass, you will be left feeling surprised, empowered, and incredibly proud for how beautifully you have already been creating the life you desire.
Join Us Inside Masterclass Musings (Includes ALL Masterclasses Above) - $222
It's likely that there are a very limited number of people with whom you have decided to share about your painful path.. And an even slimmer number of those, if any, who you can truly say ACTUALLY understand!

You deserve to witness the COMPLETE set of deep conversations about vaginismus with members of our community who bravely and vulnerably share on this topic.

You deserve to feel completely validated and perhaps for the first time, that you can deeply relate. That you haven't been alone all along.

Masterclass Musings is made up of ALL the stand-alone Masterclasses above.
Pain Free And Intimate Recipe
The Pain Free And Intimate Recipe is my online course, designed to support you in overcoming vaginismus.

It’s made up of the 5 stand-alone journeys below, that you can dive into independently, or you can choose to invest in the complete course!
Access Putting Vaginismus In The Past - Free
Vaginismus is the involuntary contraction of the pelvic floor muscles, at the attempt or anticipation of penetration. And this makes it either impossible or EXTREMELY painful!

Your body closing up in this way is NOT of your conscious choosing! Your nervous system is simply at the whim of The Cycle Of Pain, which causes it to act this way.

The anticipation of pain leads to its manifestation and then this pain is reinforced over and over again as you brace for yet another painful experience! So Breaking The Cycle Of Pain is the key to overcoming vaginismus.

That's why I've put together a journey, all delivered online, to help you do just that. You can get access to it for free right now.
Engage In An Emotional Healing Journey - $197
The emotional healing journey makes up at least 60% of the process of overcoming vaginismus. It's crucial that you make peace with your past and create a fresh slate in your present, before working on creating your future.

If I didn't pause my dilating practice and take my own emotional healing seriously, I would have continued to poke myself with a dilator for many more years. My body would have continued to reject the idea of penetration, intensifying my pain...

That's why the appropriate emotional healing process is necessary to create that readiness in your nervous system - to then make your physical healing journey effective.
Move Onto Rekindling Intimate Connection - $97
Have you ever thought, "Is that supposed to feel good?"

Due to the huge amounts of pain you've experienced, originally thinking it's a 'normal' part of sex, you may have gritted your teeth through pain on more than one occasion to satisfy your partner.

You've accidentally put your own pleasure near the bottom of your priorities list... Perhaps never finding out what actually feels good in your body.

Overcoming vaginismus involves finding safety in intimate experiences again. Finding out what pleasurable, loving touch looks like for you and being able to communicate your needs (and boundaries) to a partner. 
Begin The Physical Healing Journey With Pelvic Floor Relaxation Exercises - $37
The perfect first step in the physical healing journey is gaining awareness and control of your pelvic floor muscles.

Before EVER starting dilating, it is crucial that you engage in a physical relaxation process! Not ONLY directly with the pelvic floor muscles, but the rest of the muscle groups that contribute to tension in your pelvic floor.

And if you've been dilating with little progress, or have already given up (perhaps multiple times), I invite you to take a pause and invest some time in pelvic floor relaxation exercises. It may prove to be the best step 'backwards' you ever took.
Finish The Journey With Pleasant And Effective Dilating - $297
Once you've set yourself up for success with the appropriate emotional and physical preparation, the final step of the journey is a pleasant and effective dilating practice!

In this practice you use tools called dilators to train your mind and body welcome penetration. To experience penetration as a neutral sensation, and later a pleasurable one - where for dilating to be effective, it MUST be pain free.

This is the final part of the process where all of the healing you've done comes into fruition. You start to visibly see your progress as your pelvic floor muscles relax around each new dilator size.

And the appropriate transitioning with dilating leads to the milestone you've been aiming for - pleasurable penetrative sex!
Join Us Inside The Pain Free and Intimate Recipe (Includes EVERYTHING Above) - $555
With the scattered and limited vaginismus resources out there, you may be left feeling helpless and confused... Not quite knowing where to start!

You deserve to have the COMPLETE picture of what overcoming vaginismus looks like. You deserve that clarity of the journey and the practical guidance and support each step of the way.

You deserve to create a pain free and intimate life, exactly in the way you envision it, or better! And you've found the right place.

The Pain Free And Intimate Recipe is made up of ALL the stand-alone healing journeys above.
Pleasure Exploration Journey
The Pleasure Exploration Journey is my online course, designed to dive even deeper into your eroticism and reclaim your sexual self.
Sign Up For The Pleasure Exploration Journey - $197
Claiming your sexual freedom by getting in touch with DEEP pleasure in your body is SUCH a healing part of the journey.

Due to the pain you've experienced, it's only natural that a part of you is scared to embrace your sexual self again. Your nervous system may have put walls up to raw, sexual experiences. And when they happen, you may disassociate from your body in an attempt to escape.

The experience of nurturing, loving and pleasurable touch is what your nervous system craves... It's what it needs to feel safe before moving onto penetration! It's what it needs to allow the pelvic floor to physically relax also.

The Pleasure Exploration Journey is a deep dive into the topic of non-penetrative pleasure, building onto the Rekindling Intimate Connection adventure above.
Healing In Community
Online Meet-Ups
Online Meet-Ups are the regular gathering with fellow vaginismus warriors, to feel supported on this healing journey.

It’s made up of the 3 weekly or bi-weekly classes below, that you can choose to attend as often as you'd like. (Fourth class coming soon!)
Join Mind To Body Connection Yoga - $27
Do you KNOW about the benefits of yoga on the vaginismus healing journey, but you can't seem to get in the habit of practising it alone?

This is your opportunity to prioritize your full body relaxation WHILE regularly connecting with fellow vaginismus warriors all around the world! The class focuses on connecting the mind, body and soul through both movement and stillness, as well as having real and raw conversations about your unique vaginismus journeys.

It is led by Certified Yoga Instructor who ALSO has experience with vaginismus. All ages and levels of experience are welcome.
Experience Power Of Words - $27
Don't underestimate the healing power of words. Because of vaginismus, it can be easy to fall into habits of being overly critical of yourself and your body. This can unfortunately slow down the healing process and contribute to your pain!

This meet-up is all about healing through creative writing and sharing. Learn how to speak more kindly to yourself and your body. Release the tension in your heart about the difficult events you've experienced in the past and continue to be tainted by today.. Heal with the power of self-expression and community!

The class is led by a writer who is experiencing vaginismus. You do NOT have to have writing experience to attend.
Shake It Up With Tension And Trauma Release - $27
This practice is an absolute MUST in the journey of overcoming vaginismus.

That's because the mechanism of Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE®) helps release deep muscular stress and tension held within the body, from the inside out. This process calms both the body and the nervous system, restoring a grounded sense of being. As well, tension release from the body oftentimes leads the brain to register a reduction in the fight or flight signals, contributing to an easing in stress and pain.

This group class is led by myself personally, as I am a Certified TRE® Provider. A prerequisite to participate is that you've already had a 1-on-1 TRE® session with me.
4 Months Together
Work With Me Personally
In this option, we get to work together 1-on-1 or as part of a blended 1-on-1 and group experience, Sexually Liberated! Each of these is a 4 month healing journey, personalized to your unique life.

Our next group program, Sexually Liberated, starts on June 27th, 2022!
Benefit From The Transformational Experience Of Working With Me 1-On-1
You have some incredible people in your life, but it's likely that none of them REALLY understand what you're going through... It's only natural, they haven't experienced vaginismus!

I know how exhausting it can be to try to find the willpower within yourself and engage in the healing process alone.

That's why I want to personally be there for you every step of the way. I'd love to be your guide and #1 supporter.

The journey becomes much easier with me by your side. 

We can either engage in a 4 month healing journey together purely 1-on-1... Or you can go on this path alongside a group of brave humans who have also committed to their pain free and intimate life - a blended group and 1-on-1 experience.
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