11 Tips From Real Women: How They Overcame Vaginismus With More Ease And Less Pain
These tips reveal some nitty gritty details you're unlikely to read anywhere else... Be warned, these women hold nothing back!
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Answers To Your Frequently Asked Questions
What is vaginismus?
Vaginismus is the involuntary spasm of the vagina (contraction of the pelvic floor muscles around the vaginal entrance) that impairs one's ability to engage in any form of vaginal penetration, or causes discomfort or pain during such attempts.

Put simply, it's a panic attack in the vagina. When you attempt to have penetrative sex, or even just wear a tampon, but your vaginal muscles tense up making this practically impossible and very painful.

It's like your body, in anticipation of penetration, automatically puts up a wall not letting anything or anyone inside.
Who are the book "Vaginismus: Breaking The Cycle of Pain", The Pain Free and Intimate Recipe, and The Pain Free and Intimate Course for?
These are for you if you have vaginismus and want put it in your past!
What kind of financial guarantee do you offer?
My commitment to you is to provide immense value.

If you're not totally satisfied with what you got for ANY reason, please send me an email at hello@katrinwithlove.com within 30 days of your investment. You'll get a full and courteous refund right away, no questions asked.
Why should I act now?
The better question is, why wait? The sooner you start, the sooner you can make progress in overcoming vaginismus! The sooner you can achieve a pain free and intimate life!

You deserve that freedom.
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