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Emotional Healing Journey
Cleaning Your Past And Creating Space For A New Beginning
Setting yourself up for success, emotionally
This is a collection of insights into the deep, emotional healing that the pain free and intimate journey calls for.

First, I share the raw details of every single event that I believe caused my experience of vaginismus. Some events I'm sure you can relate to, while others I guarantee you'll be surprised by!

Then, you learn about the impact of life's events on your nervous system, and how they created the body response of vaginismus. You are also armed with key practices to help you heal from the past and create a fresh sleight on which you can build a pain free and intimate future.
Value: Absolutely Priceless
Emotional Healing Journey Is $197
You get Emotional Healing Journey for the one-time payment of $197! (Or if you prefer, 5 monthly payments of $47!)
I never thought that I would get to this point, especially so quickly. I am having painless and pleasurable intercourse now. This program was exactly what I needed. 
Thank you so much for everything! I can finally say that I am free! 

I am so happy and so grateful for everything! Thank you for putting together this beautiful program! I would not have been able to do it without it! 

I never thought that I would get to this point, especially so quickly. I am having painless and pleasurable intercourse now. This program was exactly what I needed. 

I think the most valuable part was the emotional aspect of the healing journey. I am not someone who typically likes to focus on the past. I like to just deal with the events that happen throughout life and just move forward. This allowed me to listen to what you had to say and really sit with how these things could have affected me. 

I remember I had your videos playing when I was getting ready for work and you were talking about the different possible causes of vaginismus and something just clicked for me. I had an aha moment where I realized that every interaction with men that I had been having in the past was fear based. I realized that even when my current partner (who is amazing, caring, and kind) reaches over to touch my hand, my whole body was tensing. I didn't realize that this was happening or even how deep the trauma I had experienced in my past was affecting me now. It was from this moment on that began to have success with the whole process at a faster rate. 

I did absolutely everything you told me to because I felt helpless. I trusted that you knew what I was going through and that even if I couldn't see how the things you were saying would help, I still did them. I did find that once I began to have small progress the progress began to get more frequent. I dedicated about 1-2 hours a day to my stretching, meditating and dilating practice. I won't say that it was easy, and it wasn't necessarily all that fun, but it wasn't by any means as hard as I thought it was going to be. 

And the entire process from the time I invested in the program to now having painless and pleasurable penetrative sex took 2 months and 1 week!

I remember when I started I really, really did not believe that it was going to get better. I had just accepted that this was my life and I had to live with it this way. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH for what you do. Thank you for being the one who has the courage to reach out and be a helping hand to strangers. You've helped me truly change my life. 

- Paige (23 years old, Ontario, Canada)
Let's Talk About What You Get...
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You'll receive guidance for EACH of the topics listed below, in video format. Nothing in Emotional Healing Journey will need to be physically shipped to you.
Getting Started
For Those Who Prefer Reading Along

Why An Emotional Healing Journey

You're NOT The Weird One With The Problem
Understanding Trauma
What Is Trauma?

​​The Internal Alarm System

The Impact Of A Broken Thermostat

It's NOT A Dysfunction

​​The Emotional Healing Journey

​​Logic's Role In Sexual Trauma

​​Family Systems As A Source Of Trauma (Trigger Warning)

What Really Created Vaginismus For You? (Trigger Warning)

- Tickling Terror

- My Childhood Injury

- Don't Touch That

- Intimacy? What's That?

​​- Self-Care Or High Performance?

- Nervous System On High Alert And Fear Of The Masculine

- The Sex Talk

- Embarrassment And Shame

- Playing Pretend In Private

​​- Perception Of Violence

​​- Repression Of The Feminine

​- The Sex Ban

- How About You?
The Impact Of Unresolved Trauma
Unresolved Trauma

Do You Have Unresolved Trauma?

Change Is Possible

Put The Fire Out First
How To Begin Resolving Trauma
Resolving Trauma

The Danger Of Shame

Self Expression

Societal Conditioning

Safety First

Safety = Slow

Curiosity Killed The Pain

​​Parts Of You
A Therapeutic Approach
Considering Therapy

What Makes For A Good Therapist?

Red Flags

​​Therapy 101

The Ups And Downs
Moving Past Trauma
How Do You Know Trauma Is Resolved?

The Other Side Of Trauma

​​It Starts With Self-Awareness
Life After Vaginismus
When Vaginismus Is Behind You

​​I'm Glad I Had Vaginismus... Um No
Engaging In The Process Of Emotional Healing
Deeply Engaging In Emotional Healing

Life's Experiences

The Red Mustang

The Impact

What Now?

An Image Triggered An Emotion

​​Cleaning Images Of The Past

The Healing Impact

How Does This Relate To Vaginismus?

How Do We Clean?

Cleaning In The Heart

Path To The Heart

Let's Get Practical

- Unity Breath And Journey Into The Heart Meditation

- Unity Breath, Journey Into The Heart And Tibetan Cleaning Meditation

- Releasing Intense Emotions
Wrapping Up
Celebrate Yourself!

What's Next?
Value: Absolutely Priceless
A real chance at a vaginismus free life is priceless. And if we had to put a price tag on it...
You Get Emotional Healing Journey For Just $197
You get Emotional Healing Journey for the one-time payment of $197! (Or if you prefer, 5 monthly payments of $47!)
To think that I now have my own success story is unreal
I started seeing my current partner when I was 18 (I am now 24) and before this I had never had any sexual experiences...

​​​So I didn't yet realize that I had vaginismus.

​​There were signs - for example never being able to use tampons and never feeling comfortable with exploring my own body in a sexual way. It was soon obvious that something wasn't right as I would completely panic and seize up whenever we attempted penetration. 
I was terrified of penetration and would even feel myself tensing up just at the thought of it. This continued for years and caused a lot of heartache and hard conversations between me and my partner. 
After LOTS of research I finally realized what was happening to me… vaginismus. I decided to invest in a help kit which included a text book, a workbook and dilators… but the dilators terrified me so much it would be another year or so before I finally had the guts to try them.
My mindset changed when I realized it was coming up to our 5 year anniversary - anniversaries were always a sore subject for us as it was always there in the back of our minds that we felt there was a piece of our relationship missing. 
It was hard to be excited about the future when we still had what felt like a big elephant in the room. So, I decided I was going to put my absolute all into overcoming vaginismus. 

I began using the dilators every night and although it was difficult at times I slowly became more comfortable with it. Once I got past the first and second dilators I flew through the rest. 

​Persistence really is KEY…
Some nights were hard but I still tried again the next night and the next until I found myself successfully using the final dilator comfortably. Now my partner and I are having penetrative sex and more importantly I enjoy it! 
I worked so hard to overcome vaginismus and it has paid off. I was so lucky to have a patient man who is gentle and understanding even when times were hard. My advice for others going through this is to be kind to yourself and be persistent… small steps can lead to big changes.
Your page really helped me when I was going through my journey so thank you for all you do! Another amazing page that encouraged me greatly with dilating was @uptight.allnight.

Other people's stories gave me hope when vaginismus made me feel hopeless. 

To think that I now have my own success story is unreal!

- Demi (24 years old, Liverpool, England)
Thank you Katrin from the bottom of my heart for giving me the hope and strength to believe in myself, to stay patient and to truly listen to my body!
I always had the feeling that I am late in my life. 

I was one of the last girls who got their period, my body started to grow when everybody else was already dressed up "girly" and sexy. I had the impression that I was quite invisible for the majority of boys. My school classes were most of the time girls-only and with my hobbies (riding and dancing) I also hadn‘t much contact with boys in my free time. 

So the subject of intercourse was never current for me. I never used tampons because I didn‘t like the feeling and to be honest wasn‘t able to insert them. 

When I got my first boyfriend in the beginning of this year, of course the topic intimacy suddenly appeared. I really enjoyed my first experiences but was also a little overwhelmed. He had already had two relationships and of course intercourse - the majority of people around me weren’t virgins anymore and I felt the pressure to "finally" do it too. Even some of my closer people couldn‘t understand why I was waiting so long and why I didn‘t "just do it", didn‘t I love him? Or didn‘t he desire me? 

But I had the feeling that my body "closed" even with just the thought about sex. I had so much fear of pain and that it would not be possible to have penetrative sex in general. 

My personal early attempts to insert a finger alone at home have also been a... longer journey. First, it was nearly impossible, but with a lot of patience it worked but was not pleasurable at all - it sometimes felt so tight that I had the feeling a little knife entered me (a feeling which didn't encourage or increase my wish for sex of course). 

I was quite desperate, nobody seemed to have these problems. My closest friends listened to me and tried to encourage me, but didn‘t really understand and also didn‘t know how to help me. I felt like a weirdo. Sometimes I doubt myself: Was I just too "hysteric"?

I talked to my boyfriend about my fears and I am so grateful that he is supportive and patient. He didn’t put pressure on me and I could totally go at my speed. But inside of me my inner voice was asking: "Am I worth for him? How long will he wait and stay patient? What, if I can’t handle the problem fast enough, and his sex drive is so unsatisfied... Will he leave me? Will I lose my sex drive (which was luckily still there) when I have several frustrating experiences? Will he lose his desire for me when he must always "stop" himself? Am I ever able to have other relationships?"

I realized I couldn’t handle all these thoughts alone anymore and I did long research on the internet. But the result was, to be honest, not very satisfying. I was lucky when vaginismus was at least mentioned in some medical pages, but most of the articles were really brief and only described the symptoms and no help.

On Instagram I finally found some blogs where people with vaginismus told their stories. @pain.free.and.intimate was the page which I liked the most. Some of the other pages, to be honest, increased my fear because they were struggling, too and their description of their negative and fearful emotions in this vaginismus journey or posts about their unsuccessful attempts reminded me of my biggest fears.

Katrin, who has already successfully overcome vaginismus, gave me hope and reminded me with her posts, that with work on myself, everything is possible. She also talks about negative experiences, but in a more optimistic way. She emphasizes the aspect of emotional healing and presents plenty of physical AND psychical methods to deal with vaginismus that I heard for the first time and found very interesting. 

I decided to write her a direct message. She replied only a few hours later and really took so much time to answer all my questions, gave my plenty of advice, motivated me and celebrated my little successes. I was so glad to finally talk to someone who truly understands and had an open ear, didn't judge me or gave me the feeling to overreact. 

During our chatting, I began to think about potential reasons why I could have vaginismus and how I can cope with it. When I visited my gynaecologist, I checked that there aren’t any anatomical issues (yeah great, but I didn‘t get any other suggestions than "just relaaax your pelvic floor, that‘s all").
I found out that my mental blockades have to be solved - in my daily life I am a very ambitious person, who feels safer when I have everything under my control. I often put myself under pressure (without wanting it), compare myself to others and sometimes have the feeling of not being enough. I also often have the expectation that I must make everything as perfect as I can, I wanted to be good in bed and didn’t want to disappoint my partner. 

So I began to listen more to my body. 

When do I get tense and why? Is it really necessary that I stress myself for so many little things? I started to work on my mindset, to be more generous to myself and to be okay with not doing everything perfectly. I recognized that I benefit extremely from relaxation techniques or just stretching exercises. I take the time for this now regularly - for example before I go to bed or also sometimes during the day, I have the feeling that it clears my mind and connects me more with my body (the signals of which I mostly ignored before because I was more focused on other things). Additionally, breathing deeply supported this process, too. 

Another fear was that I was very afraid of getting pregnant so I guess that I unconsciously associated my partners penis with danger and wanted to protect myself by "closing" my vagina. I solved this problem by taking birth control plus using condoms (even though we were just cuddling and kissing naked, but this helped me learn to feel safe and comfortable being this close to my partner). 

I am very happy that I recognized my "problem" so early, took it seriously and started to work on it, so I didn‘t rush and make any negative experiences with unsuccessful attempts with my partner and worsen the circle of fear and pain. I wanted to prepare myself until I feel ready. I learned to enjoy being intimate with my partner (a completely new experience for me) and feeling trust and also pleasure without having penetrative sex. 

At home, I practiced with my finger and got to know my body better, explored where is what, inside my vagina haha. And there was progress! I got more and more used to finding the right angle for inserting a finger and felt more familiar with my body. After a while, I also experienced a kind of pleasure and tried to carefully guide my partners finger. 

But there were moments of frustration too, when everything suddenly felt tighter and that all progress I had made was gone. It was really hard for me to stay calm, I worried a lot and there where many tears on my pillow... But I said to myself that I have to give my body time, some days are better and others don‘t, I have to trust my body that it will be possible some day, that I mustn‘t work against my body but with it. I also found the method of trigger point release very helpful. I didn‘t use dilators, only my fingers, but I planned probably to buy some soon. 


Yesterday, it happened! I had my first time PIV!! 

I didn‘t plan it (which was good I think), I just had the feeling in the moment that we could try it now. It didn‘t work the first attempt, but my partner calmed me and we just tried it after a while again, very slowly and carefully. And it went in easier than I expected! 

I was so proud and happy. I think I will still need time to fully relax, get used to it and have more varied penetrative sex, but inserting the penis was such a big step for me and I am so so happy that I was patient enough to wait for the right moment and that I listened to my body and thought "You can do it".

Vaginismus told me lessons of self-doubt, pain, frustration and desperation. But on the other side, it showed me to NOT stand my inner tension, my overthinking, my fears, but to change my behaviour.

I profited not only in my intimate but also in my personal life that I worked on myself and faced the problems. I realized that the most important thing is to love myself, to be in peace with myself and my body and to do it for me, and not because of the expectations of others. I learnt to recognize when tension or emotional stress is starting to rise in my body so I can already take steps in the beginning to prevent it from getting worse.

Thank you Katrin from the bottom of my heart for giving me the hope and strength to believe in myself, to stay patient and to truly listen to my body!

- Franka (20 years old, Cologne, Germany)
You also get a loving support structure
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You'll also have my personal attention in the group, to answer your questions, share experiences and tips and celebrate your progress with you!

Your loving support structure is made up of your individualized digital planner, access to The Pain Free and Intimate Community Facebook group, as well as our Forums that live off-Facebook. 
Value: Absolutely Priceless
Emotional Healing Journey Along With Your Loving Support Structure Is ONLY $197
You get Emotional Healing Journey for the one-time payment of $197! (Or if you prefer, 5 monthly payments of $47!)

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