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I'd be honoured to serve as an ear to listen from a place of love and compassion.. Feeling heard during this consultation in itself can be an emotionally healing experience! 

If you're looking for answers in your vaginismus journey, I'll be happy to address your questions and share personalized guidance.. AND I will support you in walking the road ahead - I will invite you to commit to ONE action step towards the sex life you desire and deserve!
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I initially offered these consultations for free and when I decided to make them paid, I noticed that I had held exactly 222 of them! That's over 167 hours of conversations that have left me feeling incredibly inspired to show up for you in all the ways I do today.
I now understand that I need to deal with the emotional side of vaginismus before the physical
Thank you so much for our chat last week. 

After experiencing vaginismus for many, many years your 3 day Masterclass sparked some new hope inside of me.
I decided it was time and when I saw on Instagram that you had a last minute slot for a consultation, I knew that I just had to go ahead and book it despite feeling scared.
I found it really comforting finally talking to someone who has walked in my shoes.
I was anxious beforehand (sweating, heart beating) but soon relaxed as you are completely non judgemental, kind and positive and you just have so much knowledge.
I now understand that I need to deal with the emotional side of vaginismus before the physical which is not something I had heard from medical professionals previously.
I am proud of myself for taking this next step. I am strong and with my husbands help (and your valuable support) I can do this.
I knew before our meeting that the 1-on-1 journey was something that appealed to me and after speaking to you, it confirmed it. 

- Lisa (35 years old, UK)
Talking during our consultation was the beginning of a shift for me
I just want to say talking with you during our consultation was the beginning of a shift for me.

I’m on to the biggest dilator of the original set I bought which is one of the hard plastic ones so not the easiest. I know I’ve a way to go with this one but I never thought I’d get there and have to say am really loving the self care routines I’ve carved through dilating. 

I can feel the overall impact on my anxiety levels and just feel like I’m listening to myself and my body more - giving it what it needs and most importantly learning to slow down. 

Incorporating my partner with the dilating will be the next thing and I know that’s going to bring its own challenges but I feel hopeful because I feel I’m more in touch with myself and my body and what it needs to feel relaxed and safe. So thanks! 

Really appreciate the content you share on your Instagram @pain.free.and.intimate too - I always slow down when it appears in my stories. Thanks for sharing your journey and wisdom to help so many others.

- Anonymous (33 years old, Ireland)
I have progressed so much in the last weeks
I know you get lots of messages but I think you also remember me and our consultation (which I always hold in my heart).

I just wanted to let you know that I have progressed so much in the last weeks. It’s like my mind made a 180 degree turn.

From not being able to even look at my vulva, I am now at dilator 2 and I can touch my vulva from all angles without fear!

Also I managed inserting my full finger which is such a big deal.

I kinda wanted to let you know that since you are always such a help in my healing journey.

– Anonymous (24 years old, Hamburg, Germany)
I wish I would have reached out sooner
I have been diagnosed with vaginismus for about 3 years now. 

I grew up in a Christian home and practically lived at my church. Sex was viewed as a bad thing and should only be done when married. I saved myself for my husband. 

A month after being married and hardly any penetration happening (along with the burning pain), I went to my gynaecologist. I never made it through the pap smear. I was questioned if I had ever been raped, in which I shouted no in horror. 

I was then diagnosed with vaginismus and told to go to physical therapy. I never went because I thought I could solve this problem out on my own. 

After months of searing pain and getting nowhere, I bought myself dilators. I would have days of success and months of resistance. I was getting frustrated and getting nowhere, again. We would go months without sex because I would state I was not in the mood or tired. 

I was angry because I did “all the right things” before getting married. I saved myself and yet I ended up with this problem. How was everyone else having tons of sex and having babies with their husbands, while I was here suffering. 

After following Katrin for a year or so behind the scenes and many missed video chats, I got up the courage to seek her out for help. 

I felt so relieved that someone understood exactly what I was going through! Katrin was so kind, honest and loving! She made me realize that I can conquer this condition and that I will. 

I am so excited to see my progress within the next 4 months during our 1-on-1 journey! 

I hope that others experiencing vaginismus will be able to push through the walls they have built and seek out the support they need. Don’t wait 3 years like I did. I wish I would have reached out sooner. 

Know that you are not alone and that there are people who feel the same way you do. 

- Rebekah (27 years old, Annapolis, USA)
If you have not booked a consultation with Katrin, please do
I cannot recall how I came across Katrin’s Instagram (most probably one of my many midnight google searches, googling vaginismus! – you feel me?!) But I am so glad that I found her….
I first registered for the 3 day Masterclass thinking I would just see what it was all about and listen. 

It seriously felt like she was talking to me, about me – everything resonated and I honestly watched and listened nodding my head and saying yes, yes, yes the entire time.
Booking a consultation just felt like the next organic step and so I jumped on the website and booked in, the next available was 4 weeks away but I had done it, I’d booked in. I then received an email from Katrin asking if I wanted to bring our chat forward and if so she would open up a spot for me sooner YIPEE!! – I felt nervous but so excited to chat!
The morning of our chat I was so anxious, I thought, should I just cancel? Am I going to sound silly? What will she think of my story? I had NEVER told ANYONE about vaginismus about how I was feeling on the inside, what was going on in my head for the past 20+ years. I had a few tears... then I received an email from Katrin saying, “10 minutes till our chat Stacey, looking forward to hearing your story” so I took a deep breath, made a coffee and clicked on the link…
From the moment our chat started, I felt calm and safe.

Katrin started with a breathing exercise that really set the tone for an open conversation that started my journey to putting vaginismus in my past. I am about to start 1-on-1 coaching and could not be happier with my decision. I celebrated by dancing quite a few times that day!!
Ladies... if you have not booked a consultation with Katrin, please do – you owe it to yourself to live your best life, live your truth and be free. Katrin can not only assist you with your journey, she also gets it, she has lived this and is a wealth of information that WILL help you. You are not alone.
Katrin, you are changing lives and I will be forever grateful for your courage and passion for helping people.
Goodbye vaginismus… Hello pain free and intimate living!!!
- Stacey (38 years old, Australia)
I am not broken and I now have the tools to work through vaginismus
I have been struggling with vaginismus now for over two years. 

​​Originally, I did not know that this was what it was. I did not have a name for it and I kind of just felt helpless. This year I decided to get to the bottom of it. I was taken for test after test, and sent on a whirlwind of medical diagnoses. Finally, I was sent to an OBGYN who diagnosed me properly with vaginismus. Before booking my consultation I felt lost, like I had reached a dead end. I had almost accepted that painful sex was all that there was for me and I was just going to have to learn how to live with it. 

I did not experience any resistance in booking my consultation with Katrin. I felt so lost that I would have grabbed on to anyone who I thought would be able to help me. I just needed someone to give me a game plan, I needed to hear that there was a light at the end of the tunnel, and I needed the resources to get through this. No one around me seemed to know what could help and this is what made me feel so discouraged and frustrated.

During our chat I felt hopeful. I felt like there was finally someone there that understood what I was going through. I have been open with my friends and family through this journey but still have not been able to find comfort in them. They do not understand, they do not know how to help, or what to say. 

Katrin gave me a sense of hope. I feel like this is all I needed in order to have the motivation to work through the steps necessary and leave vaginismus in my past. As soon as I heard the words you will get through this, I felt calm. I think that I realized that I was placing the blame on myself for what I was experiencing. 

When Katrin told me that I was not broken it really hit me hard. I realized in that moment that I was assigning that label to myself. Broken. I am not broken and I now have the tools to work through vaginismus. I am proud of myself for not giving up. I am even proud of myself for allowing myself to feel frustrated. All of these emotions and experiences have led me to where I am now and I do not regret any of them.

I wish that others who are experiencing vaginismus would be able to know that they are also not broken. I want them to know that there is so much more happening than what appears on the surface and that you can get through it. For me, just knowing that I would move past this was enough to bring me comfort. 

I would recommend that others reach out to Katrin because through her experiences, she has been able to provide others with the tools needed to find peace. Just after our consultation, I decided to invest in The Pain Free and Intimate Recipe and I no longer feel stress when I think about my vaginismus. 

I now see it as a journey. One that I will overcome. One that is not pleasant. But also, one that will make me stronger and more in tune with myself than I ever thought possible.

- Anonymous
I was able to drop into my body and feel love and compassion for myself and my journey
Thank you SO much for taking the time to chat with me the other day, I found it immensely helpful, supportive and enlightening! 

When I saw your email saying consultation I immediately opened it and found there was an opening the NEXT day. It was totally divine timing with where I was at. I was getting triggered by where I was in my healing, and feeling really stuck. 

I'm so glad you made yourself available. 

I have been struggling with vaginismus for as long as I can remember, although I was officially diagnosed with it about 3 years ago. I have been trying everything and realized the main block I am struggling with is an emotional wall and numbness. I learned about reprogramming the subconscious. I realized how much of a battle I am in with myself because I want to heal so badly and something inside is getting in the way. Instead of getting frustrated and exhausted though, I need to learn how to retrain my body to access feelings of safety... relaxation.. allowing... surrendering...

I noticed when I was speaking with you that I was able to drop into my body and feel love and compassion for myself and my journey. I also realized how NOT alone and NOT unique I am in this... which is such a relief. Your voice, wisdom, listening and reflection allowed me to feel safe and trusting. 

I wish for others struggling with vaginismus to DEFINITELY reach out for help, especially when you feel despair, hopeless, stuck and at war. There is the right support out there and there is no reason to give up! Especially with someone like Katrin who is so loving, compassionate, genuine, caring, and relatable. 
Thanks again - I will absolutely reach out in the future about possibly working with you more.. I really enjoyed everything you have to offer and appreciate your time and expertise!

- Anonymous
The way we spoke was like we already knew each other
Before our consultation I was really anxious and I have to admit even in the past weeks I was super anxious with the idea of sharing my experience, but it was really natural for me at the end. 

The way we spoke was like we already knew each other and I didn't feel uncomfortable at all! 

Of course it's still the beginning for me and I am struggling with a lot of mixed feelings this year, from self awareness to a sensation of fear, fear of not being able to feel better but also fear of the pain. I am proud I am handling it and since I opened myself with my therapist, my friends and even with you, I feel so much better and more relaxed. 

From this point of view internet really can help us, finding in your page stories like yours or also other pages related to vaginismus really help me: in the past year I used to feel like I was an "alien", that something was wrong with me, but now I know I am not wrong, I am just human!!
I hope everyone can understand this, that we have nothing to be afraid of and that there is still hope for us, even in the darkest times.

- Anonymous (25 years old, Venice, Italy)
This was exactly what I needed to put me back on track
After years living with vaginismus, I am now in a phase of stagnation where I know I have made a lot of progress from when I first started on this healing journey, but I am still far from my ultimate goal: pain free and pleasurable penetration...

I felt I needed a push to understand how I could keep making progress.

When I found Katrin's website and saw she was offering a free first consultation I did not hesitate and booked one immediately. This was exactly what I needed to put me back on track and give myself hope and motivation to keep moving forward.

I felt very relaxed during our chat as I knew I could totally be open with Katrin since she has been through and overcame vaginismus.

There was absolutely no judgement or pressure whatsoever and I can only think of positive things that came out of it. Katrin was full of great tips and advice for me to make new progress and definitely helped me see more clearly what should be my next steps.

I am on my way to getting pelvic physiotherapy treatment and now have new ideas for things to try!

Katrin also made me realise some of the strengths I have such as the awareness of my own pelvic floor muscles and my perseverance. I also now understand that patience is key and there are other ways to enjoy myself. I am happy to make slow but long lasting progress rather than trying to rush anything that might just be counterproductive!

I would definitely recommend anyone with vaginismus to reach out to chat. You have nothing to lose and I can assure you that you will learn things at whatever stage you are in this journey.

I didn't have any expectations and was so pleasantly surprised with how much Katrin has taught me in only one session, both about myself and how to get closer to overcoming vaginismus.

- Ali (25 years old, London, UK)
We felt understood. We felt empowered. We felt hope. 
I’m 41. I found out I had vaginismus when I was 22, on my wedding night with my first husband. 

I went through many doctors who didn’t know what was wrong with me... A hymenectomy because one doctor thought that a thick hymen was my problem, acupuncture, biofeedback, herbs, numbing creams, anxiety meds, kegels, dilators, the list goes on.

Dilator therapy eventually did make penetration possible, but with soreness, and sexual pleasure was never achieved. That marriage ended after 7 years, and 12 years later (last July) I married the love of my life. I had not been sexually active in between, although I always used tampons and had my annual exams. 

Now, being married and sexually active again, I find that although vaginal penetration is possible with plenty of lube, it needs to happen slowly. I still feel tightness and soreness with penetration, so that in itself doesn’t lead to sexual arousal. 

The good news is that with my current partner, I am able to feel sexual pleasure and regularly achieve climax with external stimulation (things I was never able to achieve in my first marriage). The most recent thing we tried before meeting Katrin was pelvic floor therapy/massage, stretching/relaxing muscle and breathing exercises, and magnetic dilators. My goal is to achieve pleasure and arousal during penetrative sex. The first step is to no longer have tightness/soreness with penetration. 

One thing to note: Many doctors throughout the years have recommended masturbation as a necessary step in achieving my goals. 

Although I wholeheartedly agree with self-care, loving myself, and being good to my mind and body, I do not due to personal beliefs agree with nor wish to incorporate sexual self-pleasure as part of my journey to recovery. I’m grateful Katrin respects this, and offers positive alternatives, such as incorporating pleasure into partner-involved dilator therapy. 

And, I do maintain open and honest communication with my husband about what feels good and we even incorporate sexual toys in our intimate play in order to increase pleasure mutually. 

And I’m so blessed to have an amazing husband who is patient and committed and invested in working right alongside with me to help me with my struggle. He purchased the book “Breaking the Cycle of Vaginismus” and both read it cover to cover the night it arrived. 

We knew we had come to the right place. We immediately set up an initial consultation with Katrin and we are so glad we did. She is patient, empathetic, extremely knowledgeable, and kind. And she’s been where I've been. All of the things that are needed to have the right coach and mentor through such an intimate and challenging process. 

She listened carefully and provided much valuable knowledge. She educated us on ways to make the things we were already implementing be the most effective and introduced us to new activities and techniques that we’d never even heard of. 

She was never pushy. 

We felt understood. We felt empowered. We felt hope. 

We are looking forward to putting into practice everything she suggested and to continuing to work with her on this journey toward total recovery. 

My advice if you’ve been searching everywhere for something to help with your situation, someone to understand your pain, you don’t need to look any further. You’ve come to the right place. 

You can find relief. You will find relief. 

We are at the beginning of our journey with her and we have already found measurable relief, and we know you will, too. 

It is possible to break the cycle of pain!

- Anonymous (41 years old, New York, USA)
It's about embracing myself and loving my own body
Thank you, Katrin, for your genuine desire to hear, see, and encourage others. 

I had gotten married less than a year ago, and attempting PIV sex for the first time on our wedding night was excruciatingly painful and scary for me, and the night ended with us both emotionally hurt, turning away from each other, and crying alone to sleep. After that, the emotional toll of more failed PIV attempts put a bit of a strain between my partner and me. 

I started reading material about vaginismus from your website and email subscription and trying to dilate on my own. However, I hit a plateau in my dilating, where I wasn't making much progress. I decided to book a consultation because I was feeling desperate and alone in my journey. 

You not only helped answer specific questions I had about my situation, but also listened with so much empathy. 

Honestly, being able to share my story with someone and receive empathy in return was in some ways emotionally healing for me - it helped me extend empathy toward myself. 

I realize now that overcoming vaginismus is not about erasing the terrible memory of my wedding night or gaining my partner's favor... 

It's about embracing myself and loving my own body. 

Thank you SO MUCH, Katrin, for your support on this journey.

- Anonymous (25 years old, Ohio, USA)
I felt immediately at ease in speaking with Katrin - she was a calming presence and had a wealth of knowledge that she shared generously
As a professional and someone that also has been on the journey of healing from vaginismus, I appreciated the opportunity to connect with a fellow helper and healer.

I was fortunate in that I was connected to appropriate and helpful providers early on in my diagnosis, but I truly don't know how many years I struggled with vaginismus before I was aware that there was an issue. Throughout my own healing journey, I have recognized that resources supporting this condition are sparse and that educated care providers are far and few between. I have decided that I would like to dedicate my counseling practice to being a part of the solution and provide competent care to those struggling with vaginismus and other pelvic pain challenges. 

During our consultation, I felt immediately at ease in speaking with Katrin - she was a calming presence and had a wealth of knowledge that she shared generously. 

I wish that those experiencing vaginismus find connection to a healing support system that is educated and prepared to assist them. There's no one way to healing for anyone and the more providers we can have aware of these issues, the more tools and support we can cultivate for those that are struggling. 

I would recommend that anyone struggling with vaginismus reach out to Katrin to connect and find support within the beautiful online community she has created. 

- Samantha (29 years old, Chicago, USA)
Women like you make me feel less alone with this
I really enjoyed our chat, it was great to connect with you 1-on-1.

Thank you so much for your time, it really uplifted me and gave me more hope on my own journey going forward. The meditation at the beginning was a lovely way to start, I found it easy to share parts of my story with you and you were easy to talk to, very warm, empathetic and non-judgmental.

I also found you extremely knowledgeable as well as sharing parts of your own journey - this was all amazing to hear and gave me so much hope. I’d potentially like to join one of your courses in the future when the time is right for me, especially the exploration around sexuality. This particularly stood out to me and I understand it is an important part of healing vaginismus as well as embodying our full feminine energy.

It seems like you put so much time and effort into what you do and I’d like to say thank you for being a leader and a light in the vaginismus community. Women like you make me feel less alone with this. 

Thank you for everything you do.

- Stephanie (30 years old, Scotland)
I felt seen and heard
I first found Katrin's work through purchasing her book and have since found her generously offered free material online so helpful. 

After having been diagnosed with lichen sclerosus as well as vaginismus, I started using dilators and found Katrin’s explanation of the emotional healing journey and visioning a life free of pain so helpful and in alignment with my vision and own healing processes. 

I am still on the journey but I can honestly say Katrin has been absolutely amazing help and was wonderful to talk to in our one on one conversation. I felt seen and heard. 

Recommend her to anyone struggling with vaginismus. 

- Jemma (UK)
I loved the chat and also the positive energy I got during it
I have been in a relationship for about 5 years and experienced pain during intercourse after around 6 months to 1 year into it. 

I immediately consulted my gynaecologist but everyone just said it's an STD or some kind of infection. They even lasered my vagina but it did just get worse. It took them 3 years to finally even consider the diagnosis of vaginismus and vulvodynia. I am so relieved that I found this community and am able to talk about my problem.

I loved the chat and also the positive energy I got during it. I still am hesitant about how my pain and tension can be healed, but I hope that I will find a local specialist someday that can guide me in my therapy. I would have loved to enter the group journey, but due to COVID and my student status, it is just not possible due to money reasons (it is actually so sad that money prevents us from finding health and guidance when we most need it)... 

Most recently however, I invested in the Pain Free and Intimate Recipe as a New Year's gift to myself and look forward to going through it!

I would definitely recommend this chat because it is important to talk to others about this theme and to share experiences. I wish that in the future this kind of therapy and information around it will be more and more accessible to people.

– J. (25 years old, Germany)
I came away feeling refreshed and re-inspired
I started subscribing to Katrin’s emails a few months ago, but each time I’d seen her amazing invitation to set up a free 1-on-1 conversation with her, I’d not quite had the courage or headspace to take her up on the offer.

One of my goals for 2022 was to finally do so - and I’m so glad that I did. Our conversation was so friendly, warm and reassuring. Katrin put me at ease straight away, and I came away feeling refreshed and re-inspired. 

As someone who is very private, and who really struggles to talk about vaginismus with new people, I’m so glad that I took this step in my journey. I’m proud of myself, and I’ve no doubt that other people reading this would also find it extremely helpful. Thanks Katrin!

- LW (UK)
You Deserve It!
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